How Other Cultures Use the John

August 27, 2009

From Module 3 of Future Health Now!

“If you have ever attempted to use a restroom in Asia,” writes humourist Dave Barry, “you know that they use the squatting method over there. This is why you never heard them complain about having irritable bowel syndrome. Or maybe you did. It’s hard to tell, because they speak Asian.”

Not just Asia, also Africa, South America and parts of Australia.

Nature designed our anal canal so that in any posture other than quatting, the puborectalis (pubic bone/rectum) muscle chokes the anal canal. The muscle fibres of the puborectalis form a sling around the anal canal. You can feel them tightening when you really need to go and clench down. They are responsible for the control we have over our bowel movements much like the prostate gland in men controls urination.

When in a standing or sitting position this ‘sling’ is pulled tight around the anal canal. It’s only when our knees come to our chest that this sling is loosened.

It’s worth noting that countries in Asia and Africa have a very low incidence of colon cancer – where squatting is still the norm. Also, 80% of all colon cancers occur at the end of the colon. So the risks of sitting upright on the toilet are hard to deny… but fortunately easy to avoid.

As members know (and as I explain in Pillar Two of Module 3, “How to Sit on a Toilet”), I’m not suggesting you start squatting like a caveman in your local park. Though, honestly, that would be healthier than sitting upright on the throne (until you are arrested).

Nor am I suggesting you squat atop your toilet. Though, some people do this (including my online publisher). It does help you learn balance and poise (with dire consequences if you slip).

Reread page 7 of Module 3 of Future Health Now! for my top five methods for having a bowel movement the natural way (without buying a squat toilet). This is so important I want to make sure everybody has at least given it a fair shot. Already many people have written in saying how much more natural this feels. One lady says it greatly helped relieve her constipation.

If you’re not that far along in the program yet then – while you catch up – try leaning forward and bringing your chest to your knees, with a stool underneath your feet. Exact instructions with variations for different situations (e.g. public restrooms) will arrive with Module 3.

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P.S. I include a photo demonstrating the proper squatting posture in the “How to Sit on a Toilet” section of Module 3. And, yes, I kept my pants on (though it’s hard to tell). The lengths I’ll go to keep you healthy!

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