Three Audio Interviews on Fitness, Magnesium, IBS and EFT

August 14, 2009

I have THREE audio interviews you may be interested in…

Audio #1: If you’re into personal training, competitive sports or weight lifting this is for you…

Last week, 2008 “Personal Trainer of the Year,” Ben Greenfield recorded an interview with me about magnesium and athletics. You can get a copy for free. We covered

  • Why eating healthy and exercising regularly isn’t enough to avoid magnesium deficiency.
  • How an athlete can maintain magnesium levels during competition.
  • Why a lack of magnesium could give an athlete a heart attack.
  • Different methods of testing magnesium levels.
  • A grocery list of foods that offer a high source of magnesium.

To listen to the podcast, more information on Ben Greenfield or to join his fitness email newsletter go to…

Audio #2: Moving from the physical to the metaphysical…

Eva Herr interviewed me on her internet radio program, Infinite Consciousness. Eva is a transformational coach. She helps people manifest their dreams, raise their consciousness and change the world around them – by developing an unconditional love for mankind.

And she says magnesium has saved her life.

You can check out the full interview here…

Audio #3: I’m guest hosting the Healthy Living is Easy radio show (in place of regular host, Cynthia Drasler). My sister Christine Wheeler ( will be my guest. We’ll be sharing tips with listeners for remedying Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Christine’s an EFT Practitioner, co-author of IBS for Dummies with me and we are in the process of writing The IBS Cookbook for Dummies.

So why am I telling you about it now when we won’t be recording until next week? It’s not because I’m the “Doctor of the Future”…

I bring it up because I’d like to get your input. What would you like to know about how emotions and IBS work together? What would you like to know about using Emotional Freedom Technique to get your gut working properly?

Add your questions to the comment section (below) and we’ll answer them on the radio show.

You can either listen live or wait until the audio recording is available. To listen live see the information in the PS at the end of this message.

Next week, I’ll send you a download link so you can listen to the interview when it’s ready.

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Carolyn Dean MD ND
The Doctor of the Future

RECOMMENDATIONS: For a complete list go to my Resources. I recommend ReMag, my own magnesium product and Natural Calm magnesium, a well absorbed multiple mineral, ReMyte.
NOTE: Only you can know if something is helping you. If you don’t feel well on a supposed beneficial product, listen to your body and stop taking it! Knowing when to Not take something is a big part of taking responsibility for your health.
WARNING: This blog is not to be misconstrued as medical advice. It’s up to you to make the decisions about your own health. I have zero staff and I cannot answer personal health questions by email. However, please send general questions that I may be able to answer in my blog. But first, google my name with the condition you are inquiring about and see if I’ve already addressed it somewhere on the web.

P.S. To listen live to me, the IBS Investigator and Christine Wheeler, the EFT Expert, here is what you need to know…

Date: Monday, August 17, 2009

Time: 11am PST, 12pm MST, 1pm CST, 2pm EST (You can visit to find the exact time for your location on planet Earth.)

Duration: 1 hour

To Listen Via Internet: Go to

To Listen Via Telephone: Call (704) 631-4060. Press # 1 for Mobile Radio. Then press # 9. Lastly enter the 4-digit station ID code 2795.

To Listen Via TelStar Satellite System: I don’t have instructions for this but if you use satellite radio, maybe this is all you need to know.

To Listen Via Seattle Radio: 106.9 HD Channel 3

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