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November 6, 2009

Gerald Celente, founder and director of the Trends Research Institute. Close-up.
Trends forecaster, Gerald Celente, foresees the growth of the alternative health field and offers encouraging predictions for the year 2011.

While current events look rather grim – collapsing economy, dangerous vaccines, war with Iran – Gerald Celente, of the Tends Research Institute ( has made some inspiring predictions for the future of health by as early as 2011.

Now, he’s not a psychic, yet the New York Times wrote:  “If Nostradamus were alive today, he’d have a hard time keeping up with Gerald Celente.”

Celente’s institute simply observes current trends and forecasts their outcome based on what’s happened in the past. They’ve successfully predicted major trends since 1980 including everything from the current recession (and the coming “Greatest Depression”) to the popularity of organic food (and the coming rise of Micro-Metro-Farming).

Check out what Celente has to say about the health consciousness of your average American by 2011 (he writes this as a historian from the future):

The nation was ready to reconfigure itself; to get back into shape physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. In 2009, the “Get Fit America” trend had not yet been defined, formulated nor marketed. Only the problems were getting the attention — obesity, prescription drug addictions, stress, depression — not the solutions…

From daytime TV to late night comics… from schools to churches, kiddies to seniors, the “Get Fit America” trend became part of the public consciousness in 2011.

Unlike previous get-in-shape trends, this one will be less fitness club oriented and tech/equipment heavy. ‘Whole Health Healing’ became the buzzword, and services, products and practitioners furthering a holistic approach will be the cutting edge of a trend that will grow for decades.  (Trends Journal, Autumn 2009)

Today, people like you and me are ahead of this trend. Right now you may feel a little alienated… in two years you may be a leader in your community.

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