The Tomato Sauce Did It!

Carolyn Dean MD ND | Wednesday, January 6, 2010

bowl of tomato sauce and penne pasta
Amazing how something as harmless looking as tomato sauce could be so deadly if allowed to ferment.

Time for the unveiling of the true culprit of my unfortunate night of purging.

Yes, it was probably spoiled tomato sauce that caused the food poisoning I experienced a few weeks back (as most of you bright people guessed).

Someone gave me the benefit of the doubt saying I probably cooked the sauce before using it. But I remember being in a rush. So, yes, I used it straight from the fridge!

And no, it wasn’t a sealed jar. It had been opened.

Nor can I say how long it was there. (A few days? A week? Less than a month!)

This is exactly the type of thing I teach members of Future Health Now! NOT to do in Module 39. Once you open a jar of tomato sauce – and I don’t care if it’s organic or some cheap mixture of sugar and tomato paste – it’s now exposed to air. Once you add air to the mixture you’ve provided the missing element which bacteria, mold and yeast need to really start reproducing like crazy.

In fact, organic tomato sauce is probably even worse because it’s not loaded with artificial preservatives.

Now, after I use part of a jar (since I’m usually just cooking for two) the rest goes in several individual containers in the freezer. The freezer is too cold for bacteria to flourish (of course, don’t leave it in there for years). And one observant reader noticed I do use plastic containers and admonished me to switch to glass. Guilty as charged!

That’s all I had to do. Freeze it. Or, at least, reheat it. It was a pretty silly reason for spending such an awful night. I’ve learned my lesson and hope my experience will save you from a similar fate.

Dr. Carolyn Dean, The Doctor of the Future

P.S. I couldn’t rule out the cacao powder either. As I talk about in Module 39 of Future Health Now! you just can’t clean powders (without dissolving them). And who knows where that powder has been, how old it really is and whether it was exposed to damp conditions that could produce mold. So now I mix the cacao in water or coconut juice and heat it over the stove for a few minutes before blending it into my frozen bananas and coconut milk pudding. The heat will kill the bacteria.

P.P.S. Check out Module 39 of Future Health Now! for more details about how to prepare food so that it’s relatively free of mold, yeast and bacteria. This goes for cooked food, vegetarian food and raw food. They can all go from being healthy to toxic because some simple practices weren’t observed. While most mold, yeast and bacteria won’t make you as sick as I was… it can still be zapping your energy, ruining your ability to concentrate and stressing out your immune system.

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