Four Ways to Stop Magnesium From Causing Diarrhea

February 24, 2010

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While magnesium is famous for helping people with constipation… taken the wrong way, this miracle mineral can cause a new problem: diarrhea. (Photo by Andrew Dunn.)

Joanne O. from Pennsylvania asks why supplementing with magnesium is causing her diarrhea…

I have difficulties whenever I have more than 400mg of magnesium. I tried taking 800mg for awhile and it always causes diarrhea… Is this normal?”

Generally, magnesium will cause diarrhea because not enough is being absorbed into your bloodstream. If it doesn’t make it into your bloodstream it ends up in your colon where it has a laxative effect.

Here are four strategies to stop magnesium from causing diarrhea

  1. Don’t take all your magnesium at one time. Have two or three smaller doses throughout the day.
  2. Try taking your magnesium with high fiber meals. We are meant to derive magnesium from food which slows down its absorption.
  3. Don’t take magnesium with meals. Yes, I know I just said take it with meals. That works for some and not for others. Fiber may bind up the magnesium too well preventing your gut from absorbing it. So try taking your magnesium on an empty stomach.
  4. Try different types of magnesium. You’re probably using citrate. You can also try dimalate capsules which release slower. Magnesium oil is a great alternative as it bypasses your digestive system. And angstrom magnesium appears to absorb the best because it’s been broken down finer.

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P.S. Because of the diarrhea effect most doctors discourage patients taking magnesium with medication. Find out why I disagree in my previous Wellness Tip from Future “My Goodness! Don’t Take Magnesium with That!” by clicking here.

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