Magnesium in the Military

November 5, 2010

A veterinarian friend from Oklahoma read my blog on Dubai and shared with me the following:

“I was talking with a family friend who has been an Air Force nurse for about 20 years with tours in Afghanistan and the Mid-East. She told me about the many cases of kidney stones she was seeing in soldiers returning from a Mid-East deployment and she had no idea why.

Of course, I told her it was easy and predictable. Soldiers have an incredibly high sodium intake. If not drinking bottled water, which only the rear echelon (those not in the field) are able to consistently have, they are drinking local water that has a pound of salt and 1 cup of bleach added to a 55-gallon drum.

In addition, most soldiers in the field eat many more MRE’s (military meals) than they are supposed to. MRE’s are extremely high in salt (and also cause constipation). All that sodium is pumping magnesium and potassium out in the urine, and a massive amount of minerals are lost in their sweat. Their T-shirts stand up, hard as boards when they dry with all those minerals.

Therefore, there is no magnesium to balance out the calcium, and thus the high incidence of calcium oxalate stones. This, in my opinion, represents just the tip of the iceberg concerning how magnesium and mineral deficiency affects our soldiers. The problems just continue to roll on, and like a snowball rolling down a hill, it ends up an avalanche.”

Previously my friend had told me that he thinks many of the “errors” in the field can be caused by lack of minerals that leads to a degree of brain swelling (too much water and not enough minerals in brain cells).

That’s why it makes more sense to send gift packages of magnesium instead of candy to your loved ones stationed in the Middle East?

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