April 2011 Media Update

April 13, 2011

Mike Adams’ Natural News Radio Show is hosted by a dear friend of mine, Robert Scott Bell. Mike says that “Robert Scott Bell is today’s most exciting voice of health freedom and natural cures. His daily broadcast here on NaturalNews is absolutely packed with interviews, news, commentary and lifesaving information that will uplift and inspire you to live a healthier life!”

You can listen to archives of shows I did with Robert on Feb 16, 2011 and March 8, 2011. And you can listen today, Wed April 13, 2011, to a show we taped a few days ago focusing on the early detection and treatment of cancer. It’s running 24/7 on NaturalNews Radio.

I’m doing a lot with Mike Adams these days. He’s asked me to be one of his featured writers on NaturalNews which has published 8 of my articles so far with several more in the pipeline. These articles allow me to share natural treatments for disease that would be too long for my blog. I also like having an uncensored forum to get vent my frustration with allopathic medicine. I used to write for Huffington Post but quickly rebelled against their censorship policy.

On Thursday April 14, 2011 you can tune in to the Dr. Hotze Radio Show on KSEV 700-AM in Houston from Noon- 1p.m Central Time where I’ll be talking about Irritable Bowel Syndrome during IBS Awareness Month. Listen Live or browse the archives. Dr. Hotze treats yeast overgrowth, hormone imbalance and toxicity in his clinic so his radio shows focus on these difficult-to-treat conditions.

You can also listen to an archive my April 4, 2011 radio show on Yeast and Hormones. With Nancy Ferrari on Feel Free In The O.C.

Enjoy the shows and browse the archives to download on your iPod!

LISTEN to “Live! with Dr. Carolyn Dean”, Monday’s 4-6pm PST on Achieve Radio. Hear archived recordings at 2012 RnA Radio.
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