Squirrelling away Magnesium

May 13, 2011

I love squirrels, always have. Years ago I was pretty shook up when I learned that my nephews used them for target practice and called them tree rats. Now it’s payback time.

Today I’d like to introduce you to Karen Clark from Lovely Lita’s Sheltering Tree Foundation. Karen is a squirrel lover and a magnesium lover too! Her website is dedicated to a now-deceased squirrel called Lovely Lita.

Here’s what Karen recently wrote to me:

“I rescue and rehabilitate squirrels and I found that many places tell you to give calcium to these rodents but never mention magnesium. I was having some issues I could not explain with the squirrels, including seizures and even death while they were on the calcium that I was told would keep them from having these issues.

I found some articles by you about the importance of magnesium and I started adding that to the squirrels intake. Since then I have had no more problems with seizures and the squirrels health has improved considerably. I think the advice I was getting was putting too much calcium into their system and depleting the magnesium.

Since reading your book I have added magnesium to my own intake and am telling everybody about adding it to their lives. The heart patients tell me that they have so many problems with the drugs they are taking. I told them that from what I have read in your book that they might be able to reduce the drugs but need to talk to their doctors.

Thank you for your wonderful book and for helping me get the squirrels on a healthy path as well.”

Go to www.squirrellady.org and view her very sweet site. You can click on the link Emergencies and Squirrel Questions Forum and join in the discussion. You can search the word magnesium if you want to focus on that topic.

That’s the good news. But the bad news is that Karen is unable to take on any more sick and injured squirrels. But in this regard you can help. You can donate money or buy a T-shirt to help feed these animals and provide them with magnesium!

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