Don’t Forget About Magnesium

June 7, 2011

It’s impossible for me to forget magnesium. Every day I talk about it with my clients. Just yesterday a new client said he was appalled that during his 15 years of suffering a serious magnesium deficiency condition no doctors had ever mentioned this mineral. Also in his world as an athlete and personal trainer he had never come across information indicating the significance of magnesium in the diet.

People often ask me how do you know if you are taking enough magnesium. One blog reader said she has tried several different forms of magnesium (including taurate, glycinate, and citrate), waited 3 months before having her Mg-RBC re-tested, but regardless of what form she tries, her magnesium levels do not increase. However, her mild case of Mitral Valve Prolapse is no longer evident, which indicates the magnesium must be having an effect. (MVP is causes by a valve that doesn’t close properly and is related to magnesium deficiency.)

I tell my clients that it can take 6 months to a year to build up their depleted magnesium stores. If magnesium is helping to remove symptoms I usually just tell them to keep taking it and eventually the RBC blood tests will catch up.

However, a few individuals actually feel worse when they first take magnesium. This is mostly caused by taking too much magnesium too soon in a body that’s very depleted of many nutrients. If you are run down and exhausted and feel you are very magnesium-deficient, start taking very small amounts, like 50 mg a day of magnesium citrate powder in water to slowly get your body used to taking this high octane fuel.

We know that taking Vitamin D can utilize more magnesium in the body. We will probably find the same for other supplements. They all work together and as one nutrient stimulates the body to more activity it requires more nutrients to do its work. So if you take high doses of magnesium you may uncover deficiencies of other nutrients as they are called into action to work with magnesium.

There are four major conditions where magnesium is contraindicated so taking magnesium with these conditions can make you feel worse.

1. Kidney failure
2. Myasthenia gravis
3. Excessively slow heart rate
4. Bowel obstruction

Media: I’m doing a radio show on magnesium with Robert Scott Bell, Wednesday June 8, 2011 on the second hour of Mike Adams, Natural News Radio, 1pm EDT. The show will continue to play throughout the day.

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