Frozana Update

June 1, 2011

In my online wellness program I share my favorite desert and received this enthusiastic response from a member who sends back a great way to make these treats one at a time.

“Thanks to you, my favorite all time dessert is your Frozana! I have adapted the recipe to use extra-virgin coconut oil melted gently (keep it raw), cacao powder, agave, raw coconut ribbons/flakes and raw walnut pieces.

For one frozen banana, the simple recipe is:

Melt 1 tbsp extra-virgin coconut oil
Add 1 tbsp cacao powder
Agave (organic-without fructose corn syrup) to taste (1/2 tbsp)
Stir to blend and then add:
A small handful of walnut pieces and coconut ribbons ~ stir to cover with chocolate

Place frozen banana on open piece of saran wrap in a bowl. Drizzle yummy chocolate sauce over the banana folding the saran up and around it to ‘corral’ the sauce. Place banana + bowl in freezer for 5 minutes or longer all wrapped in saran. When ready to indulge, unwrap the saran or the part you want to bite into. You can use the saran wrap to keep your fingers from getting chocolately. To keep it really simple, when originally freezing the ripened bananas, wrap each one in saran wrap and then reuse the wrap for the frozana covering. Also keeps the chocolate from chipping off on each bite
~ Best ever recipe of the century 🙂 Thanks so much for the idea!!!!!!”

And thank you for your enthusiasm! I love it when a good recipe works! I tried making single bananas in the saran wrap and it’s much less messy. However I also add 1 TBSP coconut milk and only about 1/4 tsp of honey per banana.

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