Prescript Assist for Dogs, Cats & Squirrels

July 27, 2011

This week I had a question that I couldn’t answer. “Can Prescript Assist be safely given to a dog?”

I first blogged about Prescript Assist for humans on June 20, 2011 I’ve received more feedback on this post than any of my other 267 blogs.

To answer the question about the dogs, I got in touch with LL’s Magnetic Clay where I get my Prescript Assist and was told the following:

“Absolutely, Prescript Assist more than safe for dogs. In fact, it’s recommended. A cap a week emptied into their food (preferably wet food), or a couple caps for larger dogs. If they are having digestive problems, you can go up to one cap per day until resolved.”

The company also sent me a great testimonial about cats and Prescript Assist. One of their customers raises and sells expensive Egyptian Mau cats. One of them was seriously ill and she was worried that she might have to put her down. The company sent Prescript Assist samples to her for the cat. With her last order she said the cat is doing much better since being on the Prescript Assist.

Pushing the envelope, I asked about Prescript Assist for squirrels.

I know that at least one reader would rather blow up tree rats than assist their digestion, but as he himself said “we don’t always see eye to eye!”

On a wild pet rescue center site I learned that squirrels have their gut problems too and probiotics are used as indicated in the gut flora section.

So, that leaves the door open to use Prescript Assist. In fact, when I spoke to LL’s Magnetic Clay, they offered to send a few bottles to my favorite Squirrel Sanctuary Lovely Lita’s Sheltering Tree Foundation. Thank you LL’s.

While you are there checking out the site, be sure and donate a few dollars to help nurse and feed a few baby squirrels. And pick up some Prescript Assist for your pets as well as yourself.

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