Consumer Reports Disses Magnesium

August 27, 2011

In the August, 2011 issue of Consumer Reports on Health you’ll find a treatment overview of leg cramps. Based on the latest research, they concluded that when it came to leg cramps, magnesium is only effective for pregnant women. A blog reader sent me this information and was appalled that they said it was not effective for anyone else. He was very disappointed with the report since he has found magnesium (along with some calcium) totally effective in controlling his leg, foot and hand cramps.

Consumer Reports said two studies of people who had leg cramps for unknown reasons found that treatment with magnesium didn’t work any better than treatment with a placebo. They concluded that: “More good-quality studies are needed to show whether taking a supplement of magnesium can reduce the number of leg cramps you get and make them less painful.”

Don’t be blinded by this lack of science! Because there are no studies doesn’t mean magnesium is not beneficial. It just means that since magnesium can’t be patented, drug companies are not going to put up the billion dollars necessary to do a large study.

And don’t be blinded by this report. Consumer Reports’ opinion should not stop you from doing your own experiment. I’ve experimented countless times over the years. It’s very simple. When I don’t take enough magnesium, I get Charlie horses in bed at night and leg cramps when I swim too long in cold water.

If anyone you know is pregnant, make sure to send them this blog so they can take magnesium. It’s a very important nutrient for dozens of pregnancy symptoms, including leg cramps.

To find out more about the shocking failings of science, read Blinded by Science by Matthew Silverstone.

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