Eat Dirt, It’s Organic!

Carolyn Dean MD ND | Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The handsome reader (his words) who sent me the note about longevity being a benefit of getting your hands dirty in your garden just forwarded me an article about soil bacteria as a possible cure for cancer. Which gives us even more reason to use soil-based probiotics, bathe in clay and eat dirt.

As a new twist on the sarcastic phrase “Eat dirt, it’s organic!” I have tried a product called Edible Earth but find that it has so much magnesium, it gives me a laxative effect! So I only use it when I’m fasting because it’s designed for detoxification and to revitalize the entire GI tract. It’s also a great way to get all the known minerals. Most people can take it every morning an hour away from meals either alone or along with psyllium seed for bulk.

What does it do? According to LL’s, Edible Earth:

*Soothes and Purifies the Digestive Tract
*Remineralizes Cells and Tissues
*Promotes Bacterial Balance in the Colon
*Assists in Heavy Metal and Chemical Detoxification
*Augments Digestive Efficiency
*Supports Nutrient Assimilation in the Gut
*Alkalizes the Body

I get my soil-based Prescript Assist, Magnetic Clay and Edible Earth from LL’s Magnetic Clay.

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RECOMMENDATIONS: For a complete list go to my Resources. I recommend ReMag, my own magnesium product and Natural Calm magnesium, a well absorbed multiple mineral, ReMyte.
NOTE: Only you can know if something is helping you. If you don’t feel well on a supposed beneficial product, listen to your body and stop taking it! Knowing when to Not take something is a big part of taking responsibility for your health!
P.P.S. I cannot answer personal health questions by email. However, please send general questions that I may be able to answer in my blog. But first, google my name with the condition you are inquiring about and see if I’ve already addressed it somewhere on the web.

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