Questions about Water Quality

September 3, 2011

A reader sent in the following question. “How does the fluoride in municipal water affect clay/magnesium baths?”

I haven’t done the research on fluoride but I have on chlorine. I have chlorine test strips that I use to check my Athena water filter. So, one day I had the idea to use them in my bath water, before and after pouring in my blended ½ cup of clay. Before, I got a high chlorine reading; after, there was a negative chlorine reading. After that I began telling clients to take clay with them when they traveled so they could have relaxing baths in the hotel and not have to worry about chlorine. I also know it works to neutralize “chemicals” because the lavender drops I use to put in my bath are negated and there is no lavender aroma anymore!

My source for clay to be used as a powerful detox agent in baths and footbaths is LL’s Magnetic Clay. Blend up ½ cup of clay in 32 ounces of water and pour into your bath.

If anyone has any before and after testing for fluoride in a clay bath, please let me know.

The reader also said “I drink distilled water to avoid fluoride, nitrites and other chemicals.”

I personally avoid distilled water. It is devoid of chemicals, alright, but also devoid of minerals which give it its life force and make it an unparalleled electromagnetic conductor that orchestrates the body’s metabolism. I use an Athena water filter that eliminates most chemicals from the water including chlorine, chloramines, fluoride.

Reading Matthew Silverstone’s book, Blinded by Science you will be literally swept away by his scientific confirmation of the importance of good water.

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