Leaky Gut: Another Magnesium Deficiency Condition

Carolyn Dean MD ND | Monday, February 13, 2017
I’ve created my own newsleak with important information that I just couldn’t hold back. Here’s an edited version of what I say about magnesium and leaky gut in the 2017 edition of The Magnesium Miracle that is due out in August.

Low magnesium levels can compromise cell membrane integrity, damaging the vital fatty layer in the cell membrane, making it more susceptible to destruc­tion, and allowing leakage through the membrane. This particular finding, which implicates magnesium deficiency as one of the causes of leaky cell membranes, or leaky gut, is extremely important because disruption of this type can be fatal to cells and cause widespread problems that ultimately manifest in dozens of symptoms and conditions, including aging. This is why I consider ReMag such an important part of healing the gut.

Here is how Dr. Guy Abraham explains what happens. He said that in order to protect the fluid inside the cell from becoming saturated with calcium, there is a magnesium-dependent mechanism that shunts calcium in and out of the mitochondria. But if calcium goes in and doesn’t come out, because there isn’t enough magnesium to maintain that shunt, mitochondrial calcification occurs and eventually results in cell death. This research makes me wonder if calcium excess and magnesium deficiency could be the underlying reason for the recent upsurge in mitochon­drial dysfunction as well as aging?

Fortunately there is a solution to calcification and to magnesium deficiency with ReMag and ReCalcia. ReMag can bump excess calcium out of cells and it also dissolves calcium in the blood. ReCalcia, because it contains an ionic form of stabilized calcium, gets into cells and bumps out non ionic calcium that is crystalizing, then ReMag can better dissolve it. This combination is decalcifying the susceptible soft tissues of your body making you less prone to stroke, heart attack, kidney failure, high blood pressure, kidney stones, heel spurs, gall stones, breast tissue calcification, and dozens of other diseases and symptoms.

ReStructure, our protein powder/meal replacement is also part of a gut healing program. Because it’s so well digested and absorbed, there are no undigested food molecules that feed yeast and abnormal bacteria and cause intestinal dysbiosis. One of the ingredients in ReStructure is RnA Powder, which helps create perfect cells to replace the defective leaky one in the gut! I also recommend a good probiotic, Prescript Assist, to help build up the good bacteria in the gut.


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