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Carolyn Dean MD ND | Saturday, March 4, 2017
An old friend, a brilliant chiropractor/naturopath, recently mentioned a book called Selling Sickness: How the World’s Biggest Pharmaceutical Companies Are Turning Us All Into Patients (2009) by a Canadian drug-policy researcher, Alan Cassels, of the University of Victoria, British Columbia.

When I went to purchase it on Amazon, a “bot” that has a bigger brain that mine reminded me that I had bought it in 2012. It seems that I never read it or referenced it. But I do reference Cassels’ article about universal flu shots in the 3rd edition of Death by Modern Medicine: Seeking Safe Solutions (2014). In summarizing his paper I say “The success of the flu shot to prevent someone getting the flu is disappointing as well. It’s zero percent in a bad year and 18% in a good year. Not great odds for taking something that can potentially damage your health.”

In Selling Sickness, I’ll quote some of Cassels introductory research and observations, which are much like the tenor of my Death by Modern Medicine showing the relentless selling of fear to market drugs. However, Cassels, along with most other critics of modern medicine, offer absolutely no solutions!

“Ultimately, as Selling Sickness makes compellingly clear, a health system that allows drug companies to play a role in defining who is sick is fundamentally unhealthy.

In “…Canada, one of the worst forms of selling sickness is largely prohibited here: the direct-to-consumer advertising of prescription drugs. Citizens of the United States, however, are marinating in billions of dollars of in-your-face drug marketing.”

“…backdoor form of advertising known as “disease awareness” campaigns, which constantly urge you to see your doctor for practically everything.

“Gadsden (Merck’s soon-to-retire chief executive) said it had long been his dream to make drugs for healthy people. Because then, Merck would be able to `sell to everyone.” Three decades on, the late Henry Gadsden’s dream has come true.”

“Because as Wall Street knows well, there’s a lot of money, to be made telling healthy people they’re sick.”

“With less than 5 per cent of the world’s population, the US already makes up almost 50 per cent of the global market in prescription drugs.”

“In an astonishing article titled ‘The art of branding a condition’, (Vince) Parry (a New York Ad executive) recently revealed the ways in which companies are involved in ‘fostering the creation’ of medical disorders.’”

“Exploding drug expenditures have helped produce double-digit increases in the costs of health insurance premiums, fuelling further widespread anger towards the industry, particularly in the US.”

“In some instances, as we will see, the medical experts writing the rules are at the same time taking money from the drug makers who stand to make billions, depending on how those rules are written.”

“According to these experts, 90 per cent of the elderly in the US will have a condition called high blood pressure, almost half of all women have a sexual dysfunction called FSD, and more than 40 million Americans should be taking drugs to lower their cholesterol.”

“…if an improvement in human health was our primary aim, some of the billions currently invested in expensive drugs to lower the cholesterol of the worried well might be far more efficiently spent on enhanced campaigns to reduce smoking, increase physical activity and improve diet.”

Yes, quitting smoking, increasing physical activity, and improving your diet will help, but as I’ve explained before, if minerals aren’t in the soil, there won’t be minerals in the plants. The only solution I see is to take these nutrients in addition to a good diet. However, I also caution that the multibillion dollar supplement industry has become increasingly commercial and they too are marketing fear in order to sell the greatest number of supplements to consumers.

My alternative solution to both allopathic medicine and green allopathic medicine is to use a limited number of highly absorbed nutrients that work synergistically and help make you well and keep you well. That solution is called Total Body ReSet.

Yes, I am going to keep promoting my Completement Formulas and Total Body ReSet for the duration. Why?

1.    Because they work like nothing I’ve seen in almost 50 years of studying alternative medicine.

2.    Because they put your health in your own hands.

3.    Because they dissipate fear.

4.    Because you feel better and know you have the answer to most, if not all, health problems.

5.    And, because they save money – you need very few other supplements, you don’t need to see doctors or naturopaths or massage therapists or chiropractors as your body gets healthier with the perfect building blocks.

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