Still Pushing the Polypill

Carolyn Dean MD ND | Sunday, March 12, 2017
Not heeding my previous warnings about the dangers of the Polypill for heart disease, a recent Lancet article titled “Polypills: An Essential Medicine For Cardiovascular Disease” shows the intent of modern medicine to “educate” the public about their “benefits” in spite of the fact that studies find that they don’t work.

I’ve been warning people about the Polypill since 2009 with my article on NewsWithViews called Puking up the Polypill. In 2013 I wrote a blog called “Don’t Pop the Polypill.” More evidence is surfacing that smashing down your cholesterol with statins doesn’t extend your life, that blood pressure drugs increase the risk of diabetes, and they also elevate your cholesterol. At the same time there is overwhelming proof that therapeutic magnesium (ReMag) is the best treatment for blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol. Therefore, there seems to be no commonsense reason to take a multi-drug Polypill.

The Polypill is a last-ditch attempt by the pharmaceutical industry to increase drug compliance in their customers. In Death by Modern Medicine, I report on medical journalist and anthropologist, Helke Ferrie, who infiltrated a pharmaceutical conference where the attendees bemoaned the fact that people were losing faith in drugs. But instead of turning to alternatives in natural medicine that work, they were gleeful that the vaccine market was wide open to plunder. In her article The Search for Ethics in Medicine, Helke Ferrie predicted the trend would be for more vaccines to be given to more people, more often.

Helke was right; we are currently seeing the avid promotion of vaccines to prevent flu, cervical cancer, avian flu, HIV, other forms of cancer, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and even heart disease.

Let’s look at flu vaccines, do they even work. They are an annual affair and recommended for everyone over the age of six months. This is in spite of the fact that scientific studies show that flu vaccines rarely work and still contain the mercury preservative thimerosal, which only slowly being removed from children’s vaccines.

A damning vaccine quote was reprinted in Common Ground, the January 2005 edition. It’s from Dr. J. Anthony Morris, former chief vaccine control officer and research virologist with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. He stated that: “There is no evidence any influenza vaccine is effective … The producers of these vaccines know they are useless but go on selling them anyway.” Dr. Morris is also quoted as saying, “There is a great deal of evidence to prove that immunization of children does more harm than good.”

Read Tim Bolen’s report about how the vaccine conspiracy may be unraveling because “Trump and Congress Propose Cancelling of Funding For US Childhood Vaccine.”

“The sky may fall, but it doesn’t have to fall on me.” Remember – the shifts and changes in the drug industry don’t have to impact a population that is taking responsibility for their own health. Perhaps the Phoenix that arises out of the ashes will be a health care system where doctors learn about alternatives and are compensated for helping patients stay well. But you don’t have to wait. I’ve already developed the ultimate program for you to follow – Total Body ReSet with the Completement Formulas.

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