Future Health Now Encyclopedia – eBook (2015)

August 2, 2017

Future Health Encyclopedia is several books in one and has expanded exponentially since its first edition, which was called When You Can’t Reach The Doctor. Dr. Dean gleaned this information from over 45 years of studying and practicing natural medicine. Within its 538 pages are 134 ailments with many choices of treatments.

Future Health Now Encyclopedia also covers optimum eating and cleansing. The final section of the book includes a comprehensive homeopathic handbook.

It also includes guides to optimum eating, cleansing and homeopathy. Click here to view the table of contents and list of ailments it covers.

It offers natural approaches to health problems that have produced successful results for thousands of clinic patients and telephone clients from around the world.

Inside you’ll find safe alternatives to drugs and surgery. The strategies may also be used in conjunction with medication or while awaiting the results of diagnostic tests. Most diseases have multiple causes and are only treatable by skillfully combining various therapies, as you will see in my Future Health Now! Encyclopedia.

Purchase/Download : Future Health Now Encyclopedia Future Health Now Encyclopedia [PDF] $11.00 [UPDATED for 2017!]

Purchase/Download : Future Health Now Encyclopedia Future Health Now Encyclopedia [KINDLE] $9.99


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