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RECOMMENDATIONS: To get well and stay well, join my 2-year online wellness program called Completement Now! The best low glycemic, Non-GMO meal replacement that I use every day is Whey Too Good. The various types of magnesium to take are on my website under Resources including my product ReMag. The most commonly used magnesium is Natural Calm available at VitaCost and most health food stores. Under books you’ll find my eBooks: How to Change Your Life with Magnesium, Future Health Now Encyclopedia & Death by Modern Medicine. For angstrom minerals go to HealthShop. For Detoxing I use LL’s Magnetic Clay and Magnesium Flakes. For yeast overgrowth, IBS and digestive disorders, I recommend Prescript Assist. For Coconut products and Antioxidant Green Powder go to Tropical Traditions. For food-based supplements Grown by Nature offers my readers a 20% discount on your purchases. At checkout, just enter the code: gbn123. For psychological and emotional issues I recommend EFT, The Linden Method (for anxiety) and The Healing Codes. For everything and everything else, take RnA Drops and read my Blog about RnA Drops. To help you decide pick up a free bottle of RnA Drops with no obligation.