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A Firefighter Would NEVER Get Away With This… But Most Doctors Do!

January 27, 2009

It would be unthinkable for most firefighters to deal with fire the way most doctors deal with disease

The sound of a madly beeping fire alarm abruptly wakes you one morning.

Your nostrils twitch with the smell of smoke. You hear flames crackling somewhere in your home.A nervous sweat breaks out as you reach for the telephone beside your bed. 911.

The firefighters arrived. You are still in bed. Helpless.

They march through your home, locate the fire alarm and yank out the battery. Silence.

“There you go,” they say. “Problem solved. That noise won’t bother you anymore.”

“What about the smoke, what about the fire?” you ask.

“Oh,” they say and open your bedroom window on their way out.

Would You Go Back to Sleep?

As absurd as this situation may sound, it’s happening every single day in medical offices across the world. Thousands go to their doctors with “symptoms.” In other words, their body is sounding an alarm – whether it’s a migraine, breathing problems, high blood sugar, erectile dysfunction, forgetfulness…

Instead of trying to seek out the “fire” that sounded these alarms, the doctor prescribes a drug that silences the symptom.

It’s not the doctors’ fault. I went through medical school. I know. Our professors taught us: Identify symptoms, make a diagnosis, and treat the symptoms with the appropriate drug. Prescription medicine can only relieve the symptoms – they never remove the cause.

The “Modern Medical Religion…”

At best, it’s what I call, the “modern medical religion.” It’s not based on facts. At best, it’s research disguised as advertising. Most scientific studies – if unadulterated by pharmaceutical interests – show that drugs cause more harm than good. Especially several drugs combined together.

Yes, in life-and-death situations, drugs and invasive surgery are the only way. If you’re hit by a truck – starting a fitness program, eating vegetables or learning to meditate will not keep you alive – treatment in an emergency room will.

But when it comes to problems that originate from our lifestyle – that slowly, day by day, send us on the path of ill-health – trauma-based medicine can not help us.

Conventional medicine is not designed to help us get healthy.

Health is about achieving wellness, not eliminating disease.

The Prevention of Disease is Simply
A Welcome Benefit of Living Life to its Fullest

As a people, we’ve been conditioned to trust our doctors.

Yet, your doctors will be the first to admit they don’t have all the answers… Every day I read the scientific journals, where the medical community admits they do not know the cause of this or that condition. Not even a clue! They say it’s a hopeless mystery why more and more people are getting asthma, heart disease and diabetes.

I don’t have all the answers, but I have more to offer you than a hopeless mystery. In my practice I’ve seen thousands of patients with “incurable” health problems see a full recovery without any drugs or surgery.

That’s the secret: Drugs and surgery do not have the cures.

Case in point, since the official “war on cancer” started 38 years ago, cancer rates have increased in North America. Today, 1 out of every 2.5 people will develop some form of life-threatening cancer. Half of those will die.

There Must be an Alternative!

At the same time, you hear of people reversing cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease… with simple lifestyle changes involving diet, exercise, herbs, nutritional supplements, mind/body medicine… and natural treatments like chiropractic, acupuncture and massage that allow the body to heal itself.

Yet, the medical community largely ignores “alternative” medicine. When I went through Dalhousie Medical School, our instructors arbitrarily classified anything outside of drugs and surgery as “quackery.”

So why are drugs so popular with the medical community? It comes down to economics! Drug companies employ a lot of people; they fund medical schools, universities, and research. The pharmaceutical industry made $712 billion  in 2007, selling sick people synthetic drugs that only alleviate symptoms – never cure (www.pribo.com).

They sell you these drugs at a high profit. Sometimes the mark up is several thousand percent. You’ll be stuck shelling out money for life.

If they actually made you feel better, that might be okay. But usually they only work for a little while… until the original underlying cause gets worse. Until the fire burning in your kitchen reaches the door to your bedroom. Worse, most drugs cause other problems… that are mistreated with more drugs!

Little Money in Curing People

No wonder the medical community is so outraged when anybody hints that “cures” for these incurable diseases may exist. There is also no money in letting people die. Instead, you need to keep the masses somewhere between “not dead” and not really living.

That’s why I’m so excited to be able to publish my Wellness Tips from the Future and deliver them to you for free. Yes, I’ll be able to share with you information on how you can reverse or avoid the many diseases plaguing modern man. But…

I’d Prefer You Not Think in Terms of “Avoiding Disease”

Our culture is so caught up talking about all our deadly ills. You’d think we lived in the dark ages driving out malignant spirits with leeches.

Instead, I want you to think in terms of gaining more well-being on a physical, mental and spiritual level.

If you’re in debt, financially, and your only goal is to get out of debt, what will you have in the bank account when you achieve this goal? That’s right, nothing. So, if you are unwell, don’t think about getting out of “disease debt.” Focus on becoming rich in health.

Just don’t go overboard. There’s more to life than “perfect” health.

You Don’t Need to Become a Fanatic
To Start Living Naturally and Completely

Through my Wellness Tips from the Future, I’ll be sharing with you…

  • Your Right Hand Won’t Know What Your Left Hand Is Doing: Quick little tips that you can start using, bit by bit, so it doesn’t even feel like a “lifestyle” change. Once you acquire a “taste” for something that is good for you, it would be a burden not to do it.
  • The Media of the Future: Pharmaceutical and processed food companies fund TV stations, radio stations, newspaper and magazines. They own the media (except the internet!). The media runs society. You’re not going to hear the truth about real healthcare from the mainstream. But here, via my forthcoming Wellness Tips from the Future, you’ll hear my take from over 30 years of experience as both a medical doctor and a naturopathic doctor – totally uncensored.
  • Motivation to Take Care of Yourself and Your Family: The food industry, the drug industry, the chemical industry, and so many other industries seem to be interested in profit and not the well-being of their customers. I’ll be sharing with you inspirational stories and case studies to encourage you to stay on the path that leads to your own health and happiness.
  • You Are What You Think, Before What You Eat: You mind is more powerful than drugs, than fruit smoothies, than invasive surgery, than herbal remedies… I’ll be sharing ways you can adopt the power of positive thinking and help you discover the super-natural healing potentials inside you.
  • Laughter – The Natural Medicine of the Soul: Being too serious causes stress. Stress may be responsible for 80% of all diseases. So expect to get a healthy dose of preventative humor within our posts – especially via our occasional “Healthy Humor” cartoon, video or story. We’ll poke fun at health nuts and pill pushers alike.

That said, the situation we have reached with our corrupted health care system is no laughing matter…

The Richest Country in the World…?

We need to make choices that profit us, not big-pharma. The United States, for example, spends an average $1 trillion dollars a year on healthcare. If you took the Gross National Profit of 124 of the world’s 130 countries, you’d just cover the costs of healthcare in the states. Yet, the United States ranks LAST when it comes to health care.

If you’ve subscribed by email, next week I’ll send you part two of this introductory e-course. I’ll share with you a common situation I’ve seen hundreds of times that proves that my initial “firefighter” story isn’t off-base at all…

Millions of people suffer from high-blood pressure. Little do they know, 95% of the time, it’s easy to treat. Instead, their well-meaning doctor simply relieves the symptom, pulls the battery out of the alarm… and does nothing to solve the actual problem.

That’s next week. As long as you’ve subscribed to my Wellness Tips from the Future, it’s on it’s way. If you have yet to subscribe, please enter you email in the form below. I promise never to rent, trade or sell your personal information. You won’t have to worry about spam.

In the meantime, stay tuned for more Wellness Tips from the Future!

Carolyn Dean MD ND

The Doctor of the Future®

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