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My 1.2 Trillion Milligram Magnesium BAILOUT Plan

February 13, 2009

How much money would America save in health care costs by investing in as little as 400 mg of magnesium a day?

“What’s the big deal with magnesium?” asked my driver last Friday. He was overweight with a 2-litre bottle of diet Coca-Cola at his side.

I had been flown into Miami to talk about the importance of magnesium on The Women’s Show.

I filled my driver in on how magnesium helps regulate and relax every organ in the body.

By the end of the ride he’d given me his “history:” He suffered from leg cramps, rising cholesterol and high blood pressure. His blood sugars were also creeping toward diabetic-land.

“Try these,” I said handing him some samples of Natural Calm’s “just-add-water” magnesium drink. Not the kind of tip he was expecting – but that’s what you get when you’re chauffeuring the Magnesium Queen.

From Formaldehyde to Magnesium…

“Try replacing,” I suggested, “your formaldehyde (AKA aspartame) sweetened Coca-cola with a bottle of this stevia sweetened magnesium drink. The switch will help you with your headaches and blurry vision, too.”

“Thanks!” he said. “But I’m going to give these to my wife. She’s pregnant and wakes up screaming at night with horrible leg cramps.”

And that’s how the rest of the day went…

At the studio the make-up artist wanted to know if the magnesium would help her daughter’s constipation. Of course! The host asked if it would help her deal with her migraines. You bet! The guys on the floor, with “restless leg syndrome,” were even interested.

I Called my Book the Magnesium Miracle.
But the REAL Miracle is…

…that modern man gets by as well as he does with so little of this essential nutrient. A hundred years ago — before we depleted our soil with greedy agricultural practices — the average person received at least 500 mg of magnesium a day, according to the US Department of Agriculture.

Without supplementation, in 2009, even on a pure organic diet, you’re looking at only 150 mg at best. Those on a pure McDonald’s diet may be lucky to get 50 mg. And we may need between 600 and 900 mg… per day!

Most countries are in great need of a “Magnesium Bailout.” Especially if you want to cut back on future health care costs. Let’s look at the United States…

300 million people x 400 mg of magnesium per day = 1.2 trillion mg of magnesium

Yes, a 1.2 Trillion Milligram Magnesium Health Stimulus Plan! Anyone have President Obama’s email address handy? Feel free to send him this blog post!


Carolyn Dean MD ND

The Doctor of the Future®

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