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Is The FDA Really at War With Natural Health?

March 13, 2009

Last weekend, I attended Expo West in Anaheim, California where natural health companies from 28 countries shared their latest innovations from Mother Nature.

“Every major health trade show hosts an FDA compliance officer (much like a Nazi Gestapo officer),” writes Mike Adams, The Health Ranger (FDA Running Extortion Racket). “[They] walk the show floor and threaten companies into compliance. This includes shows like Expo West and Expo East.”

Well, I just returned from Natural Products Expo West (March 5-8) and didn’t notice anyone dressed like Adolph Hitler.

That said… A few individuals looked very out of place amidst the 1,900 exhibiting natural health companies and 53,000 members.

If I Was an FDA Shark In Those Waters
I’d Keep my Head Low, Too

NaturalNews has learned of numerous verbal threats from FDA compliance officers,” continues Mike Adams, “directed at health supplement companies during trade shows, including threats to ‘put you out of business,’ ‘throw you in prison’ or ‘take every last dollar you’ve ever earned.'”

While I can’t confirm or deny that this is taking place — it must be happening in dark allies with the smaller companies the FDA feels they can bully around.

In broad daylight, nutrition product sales grew 9 percent in 2008 to more than $100 billion (according to the Nutrition Business Journal.) I could feel that optimism at the Expo. Vendors told me how the slumping economy forces consumers to turn away from expensive medications (that often don’t work) and seek affordable remedies (which do more than mask symptoms) from Mother Nature.

So, on one hand, we have the FDA and the FTC attacking natural health product companies as a threat to pharmaceutical sales. On the other hand, people are taking a B vitamin instead of Prozac.

What’s Really Happening?

My guess is that the natural health companies are being a little naïve . The fact that sales are up, while pharmaceutical sales are dropping, may trigger a major regulatory attack. Look at Canada’s Bill C-51. It may end up regulating natural health products off the shelves of health food stores from Cape Breton across to Vancouver Island.

Don’t think for a moment that Big-Pharma will let billions of dollars in sales of over-priced medications fall to low-profit herbs, supplements and super food powders. Big-Pharma has tremendous lobbying power amongst the nations’ governments. They are also tough on generic drugs: is buying some Modalert online really bad for me, or is it bad for Cephalon, the owner of the license to Provigil?

In the end, most of us still live in democratic societies. If the majority of people would wake up from their media-induced trances they’d realize what type of game is being played on their wallets, their bodies and their minds.

I’m not a Health Freedom Commando. I’m a doctor. I’m willing to help, but I’d rather let people like the Health Ranger lead the battle with my full support.

I encourage you all to watch the following video by Mike Adams and, if you are an American citizen or resident, consider signing his petition. I agree with 100% of his proposed changes to healthcare in America. He has my undivided support.

The Health Ranger’s Health Revolution Petition

Please click the play button below to watch the short 5 minute video…

Please, go to to sign the petition or make a donation.

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