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Onion Skins and Easter Eggs: Free and Natural Egg Dying Trick

April 11, 2009

Download a copy of my Onion Skin Easter Egg Dye recipe at the end of today’s post.

You may be throwing away the perfect ingredients for Easter eggs dyes. Dyes so safe you could drink them – unlike most commercial dyes…

“Some Easter egg dyes are made with potentially poisonous ingredients,” says a report from the University of Miami. If you and your kids are dying eggs this year you have to be careful your children don’t swallow the artificial dyes.

Even if they avoid swallowing the dye, it’ll eventually end up in the trash, the soil and the environment. Not to mention, you or your kids may accidentally absorb some of those poisons through your skin.

That’s why you may wish to try some of the ideas I’ve collected for dying eggs naturally. Plus, these days, everyone is trying to save money when and where they can. I recommend you try using the skins, peels and ends of fruits and vegetables that you may be discarding.

Things like onion skins: When simmered they can make a beautiful yellow-orange dye. The more skins you can get the richer the dye – but even a few skins will do. Next year, I’ll try to remind you to start saving onion skins a few months early. But even if you can only gather a few onions in the pantry – you’ll be able to pull this off in under 20 minutes.

How to Get Your Copy, Now: To download your copy of my Onion Skin Easter Egg Dye recipe click the “Download Recipe” button below. You’ll need Adobe Acrobat Reader (it’s free!) to read and print the file.

Please, pass the recipe onto any friend or family. If you have a website or blog you’re welcome to distribute it. Or just send people over here to download it (click the Share This button below). Thanks for spreading the word!

A very Happy Easter holiday to you!


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