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Cure Anxiety With Depression

May 29, 2009

If you suffered from ANXIETY and I offered you DEPRESSION as a cure – would you take it?

Maybe for a day or two the relief from anxiety would make the depression worth it. But after a week you may find you feel even worse off with depression.

Sounds sort of crazy, but people take doctors up on the offer all the time.

Remember the reader I told you about (in Saturday’s post, “My Goodness! Don’t Take Magnesium With That…”) who’s doctor prescribed Ativan for her anxiety. Well, known side effects to Ativan (according to include depression, irritability, nervousness and “suicidal ideation.”

Now, admittedly, not every patient suffers depression as a result of taking Ativan – but it’s on the warning label (along with well over 30 other possible side effects).

The pharmacy information package will even warn you (in case your doctor didn’t have time) that if you are depressed you shouldn’t take the drug at all. In most cases, however, anxiety and depression overlap onto each other’s territory. It’s sort of like saying “don’t use this sunscreen if you have sensitive skin.”

Wouldn’t it be far better to start upping your magnesium intake, instead? Magnesium is essential for relaxing every muscle in your body (including your heart).

Anxiety is a natural side effect of not having enough magnesium. It’s not a result of an “Ativan deficiency.”

Unless magnesium deficiency is your only issue, then supplementation won’t work like a magic bullet. Health is integrated and requires an integrated approach. (Make sure to check out my 48-week foundation of health online course — coming soon).

But one thing is for sure, magnesium doesn’t come with 34 warnings.

Have a relaxing weekend! Talk to you Monday.


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