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The Hunter and the Farmer Approach to Controlling Yeast Overgrowth

May 12, 2009

Were you able to listen in yesterday? Dr. Roby Mitchell (in New York) and I (in Hawaii) got together virtually on Chemical Free Living with Cynthia Drasler radio (somewhere in Arizona) to talk about how conquering yeast overgrowth can remedy a wide variety of conditions.

If your boss preferred you were working at 2pm EST instead of listening to us discuss how a Petri dish of candida reacts to cabbage leaves – don’t worry. Below you can download a MP3 recording of the entire show and listen to it on the way to and from work tomorrow.

The REAL Reason Dr. Roby Went To China

On the air, Dr. Roby continued his story from my last post (Why This Doctor of Pharmacology Stopped Taking Drugs) explaining how he went from being a by-the-book conventional medical student to the holistic doctor he is today.

In fact, as you heard (or will hear if you had the cranky boss), the main reason he agreed to participate in the exchange program with mainland China was because he was fascinated by oriental martial arts – NOT oriental medicine.

But, despite his ulterior motives, the Chinese approach to health care – bringing balance to the body so that it can heal itself – got his attention. Particularly after seeing people being diagnosed with state-of-the-art Western technology and cured with 3,000 year old acupuncture needles and herbal medicine.

How to Farm Your Yeast Away

One of the key concepts we talked about was the hunter versus farmer approach to curing yeast overgrowth…

Many people tend to talk a lot about “killing off” Candida and company. Well, if you’ve done a yo-yo program of killing off the yeast and watching it grow back, you know the “hunter” mentality is a life-long commitment.

But one of Dr. Roby’s analogies (I admit, I have trouble keeping them all straight) is where we toil and “farm” the field of our body. If it’s properly cared for, fertilized with nutrients and populated with good health habits, then the weeds of yeast (or any problem) cannot grow.

This, in fact, is the principle behind an online course I’ll be releasing in the very near future. It’ll be a weekly program that guides you through the process of adopting a lifestyle that brings balance to your body.

As Dr. Roby said, there’s rarely ever “one thing” you’ll do that will make you better. Harmony is about many things coming together for the same purpose. A path to harmony inside your body and mind is what I hope to offer those of you who decide to participate in the twelve-month program. More news about that coming soon.

For now, you can scroll down to the download link to get a copy of the radio program or you can visit the Chemical Free Living archive page to listen to it via an online playback button.

Here’s What Else We Talked About…

  • Ten for One Special: Why when Dr. Roby started using yeast protocols to remedy ONE symptom in a patient – the patient would come back a month later saying that TEN things were now better
  • Yeast Causes Acne? How a yeast overgrowth can inhibit the immune system allowing acne and other bacteria to proliferate.
  • Iodine is Essential: Why our body’s cells are equipped to suck up iodine and how it’s essential to preventing fungus, bacteria and yeast from taking over.
  • Anti-Fungal Colours: Which colour foods produce the greatest antifungal effect. Dr. Roby learned this by adding different fruits, vegetables and herbs to petri dishes full of yeast. (Note: Don’t let Roby make you dinner.)
  • Natural Yeast Killers: Our top non-prescription recommendations (including many foods) that prevent yeast overgrowth.
  • The Second Brain: The neurological side effects of yeast and how it can even cause schizophrenia.

Download It Now

To download the file click the “download mp3 recording” button below. You can then transfer the file to an MP3 player or some other fancy high-tech device that plays this sort of thing. Or you can just use a free program like Real Player to listen to it on your computer. OR you can be real old fashioned and burn it to a CD.

If you have trouble downloading it you can visit the Chemical Free Living archive page to listen to it via an online playback button.


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