The Red Wine Liver Cleanse?

May 16, 2009
red wine being poured into a wine glass
Suggesting that the resveratrol in wine will help with liver failure is like saying the apples in apple pie will help shed some extra pounds.

Here’s the scientific contradiction of the week: Two glasses of red wine EACH day can help clear up fatty liver – the most common side-effect of alcoholism!

Now, red wine might be a better choice than a bottle of rum – thanks to the presence of resveratrol (a wonderful antioxidant and antifungal). Still, I wouldn’t encourage anybody with fatty liver – especially an alcoholic – to gulp down nearly 2 liters of wine a week.

But that’s exactly what was recommended by Science Daily, in their May 13 article, Two Glasses Of Wine A Day Helps To Reduce Quantity Of Fat In Liver.

As Dr. Roby Mitchel said, when he sent me this article, “This is irresponsible journalism.”

Honestly, some people will take it seriously.

So Let’s Clear Something up Here…

Wine is a super-concentrated glass of fructose (fruit sugar). Fructose feeds the yeast in your body. And, as we’ve been talking about this week, yeast release up to 178 different toxins as their natural waste product.

And where do those toxins go? That’s right… They go to your liver for processing.

Also…Can you guess where all the excess fructose that the yeast doesn’t consume ends up? Yep. Liver again.

The liver stores some sugar away. The rest it turns into fat (as triglycerides). Therefore, if you’re consuming too much sugar, your liver will produce too much fat. Too much fat then clogs up the liver. That’s why we are seeing teenagers, living off high-fructose corn syrup, with livers that look like a 50-year-old alcoholic.

I can’t help but think that the study was funded by the wine industry.

What’s even more baffling is why researchers are always on the look out for something like resveratrol to remedy fatty liver. The real “secret” is to avoid creating the problem. The liver will clear itself out quite fine. In fact, it’s one of the most resilient organs in your body.

Ways to De-Congest Your Liver
(Or Avoid It Getting Congested in the First Place)

  • Avoid Yeast Overgrowth: Avoid sugar, pop and fruit juices. Stick to whole fruits, whole grains (but avoid wheat) and vegetables. Get most of your energy from protein and fats. Eat plenty of anti-fungal herbs and spices (like garlic and ginger).
  • Don’t Eat Too Many Carbohydrates, Too Often: Too much sugar (this includes donuts!), too often, will overwhelm the liver. Constantly drinking pop, or even fruit juice, will never allow the liver time to rest and cleanse itself.
  • MOVE! If you don’t have a daily exercise program toxins will have trouble moving out of your body. Your body is like water, if it’s not flowing — it becomes stagnant.

Instead of trying to get rid of illness with two glasses of wine or four shots of wheat grass juice – it’s far, far better to simply avoid the causes of ill health. That’s why I’m working away on a 12-month online course that coaches you on how to adopt, week-by-week, little-by-little, the necessary health habits that provide you with “sustainable” wellness.

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