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What a Bad Doctor I Was

May 27, 2009

After I had appeared as a guest on a live radio broadcast, an immunologist called up the radio producer and told her what a bad doctor I was. In short, he said, I was telling people “not to get the flu shot.”

Not really…

All I was doing is presenting the public with facts about vaccines and letting them come to their own conclusions. When faced with the facts, the decision to roll up your sleeve and stand in line didn’t seem like a wise one.

Here’s what happened…

In 2001, I made an appearance on CBC Radio Syndication. We were talking about a recent “flu epidemic.” The medical regime was trying to expand the use of the flu vaccine to include children from six months, hospital workers and school staff.

I did my own investigating and found research showing that the flu shot worked only 7% of the time. The immunologist, also appearing on the radio show, sounded quite embarrassed when I brought up those figures. I think it was the first time he had heard such facts.

That 7% success rate, of course, really only means much to a lab technician. They weren’t measuring how many people actually avoided the flu – they simply counted how many antibodies appear in the bloodstream.

But even a 7% success rate might be worthwhile — if it weren’t for all the side effects linked to vaccines — if it weren’t for the fact that they usually contain small amounts of toxic chemicals like mercury and the DNA and RNA of animals.

Even early in my medical career I would inform parents of the risks and the alternatives. For those parents truly concerned about polio and tetanus I’d have them wait until their children’s immune system were strong enough to handle the sudden infusion of dead viral material.

Normally, however, I’d encourage homeopathic vaccines which don’t contain the cocktail of chemicals and monkey organs.

Recently the Mayo Clinic has released a new study about the long term success (sic) rate of the flu vaccine on small children. Tomorrow I’ll share with you the shocking results and some safer alternatives.


Carolyn Dean MD ND

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