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Billy Best’s Herbal Infusion Worked for My First Cancer Patient

June 5, 2009

The first patient I treated for cancer decided not to undergo chemotherapy. He did have surgery to remove the tumor in his colon. Afterward he wanted to stick to natural therapies.

I recommended the basics. We cleaned up his diet and took him off wheat, dairy and sugar – which can drag down the immune system.

Next, I recommended he drink Essiac tea.

For several years, I followed his progress. He saw a full recovery. His post-surgery roommate, who simply went with chemotherapy, died soon after.

Essiac was likely not the sole reason for his recovery. It does, however, have quite a history of success. Yet, even today, it suffers unwarranted suppression and little mainstream investigation.

The herbal formula is named after the Canadian nurse, Rene Caisse (pronounced “reen case”) who formulated it in1920. Essiac is merely Caisse spelt backwards. The recipe is reportedly passed down by an Ojibwa medicine man.

This herbal infusion has recently been highlighted in the news with the case of Daniel Hauser avoiding chemotherapy. Daniel’s situation, likewise, has brought attention back to Billy Best, who used Essiac to help cure his cancer 15 years ago.

Cancer Remedy Growing Wild
In Ontario Outback

While we call it a tea, only a few hundred years ago it would have been called a “potion.” Just look at its ingredients which grow freely in the Ontario wilderness…

American Cancer Society
Recognizes It’s Reputation, Yet…

According to the American Cancer Society the herbal formula has no serious side effects. They also, strangely, admit: “Although there have been many testimonials, there have been no clinical trials testing the effectiveness of Essiac.”

The real question here is why haven’t they put Essiac on any clinical trials since its discovery 88 years ago? Are they concerned that a proper clinical trial would prove it effective and take profits away from mainstream treatments?

Next post, I’ll tell how Rene Caisse discovered the formula and how the Canadian government arrested her for using it on cancer patients (with great results). I’ll also let you know the best place I’ve found to get Essiac tea.

As my first cancer patient realized, there are many ways to treat cancer. Chemotherapy is simply the most “popular” option. And, as with anything mainstream, the “popular” option is often the result of mass manipulation for the sake of profit.

The most wonderful point coming out of Daniel Hauser’s case? It’s making the general public aware more options exist other than what their oncologist may present them with.

If All You Have is a Hammer
Everything Looks Like a Nail

After all, in medicine we learn about the diagnosis and treatment of disease with drugs and surgery—nothing else! So, if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

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