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Eight Runner-Ups for the Name-My-Health-Program Contest

June 25, 2009

At the recent Maui Film Festival I unveiled the eight runner-ups for the name-my-online-health-program contest before an international crowd of 80,000 people… Okay, maybe I didn’t.

I’ve looked through over 150 submissions for the name-my-online-health program contest. We’ve whittled the list down to eight possibilities. (If we didn’t pick yours please don’t unsubscribe, have your lawyer contact my lawyer or hold my husband as a hostage.)

Next step: I’ll let you, my loyal readers, vote on which name you like the best. As a reward for the approximate 30-60 seconds of easy-labour this will require… the system will automatically enter your email address into a draw to win a full one-year membership when we release the program. (As well, the author of the winning name will receive a full one-year membership.)

Before I give you the link to vote on the title, I want to briefly explain…

What You’ll be Voting On

Up until now I’ve referred to it as a “foundation” program. Some people, however, confused the term “foundation” with an organization (e.g. the “Heart and Stroke Foundation”) — which was not our intention.

So you’ll notice the list of finalists does not use the word “foundation.”  If you only submitted “foundation” names, I’m sorry. Good things there’s much more to life than winning my contest. Plus, by voting, you have another chance at winning the same prize.

What I Meant by the Word Foundation

Quite frankly most people are chasing after quick fixes in the natural health world almost as much as they are in the allopathic world.

For example, one lady commented on the blog that she does enemas every day (to help with constipation) – but also admitted she doesn’t drink enough water each day.

Another example: People who are spending big bucks for resveratrol extract for their heart but aren’t even eating fresh fruit, exercising or getting enough sleep.

I’m not putting these other methods down… I’m just saying you should focus on incorporating those strategies that will make the biggest differences to your health, first. Let them serve as the “foundation” on which you can build a healthy life. Otherwise all the “super” cures won’t work so well or you end up becoming dependent on expensive treatments.

A healthy lifestyle will produce more energy, strength, clear-headedness and enthusiasm for living than any single wonder herb.

The “Secret Seven” Revealed

I’ve divided the program up into seven sections: food, exercise, personal care, living space, sleep, supplements and mind & relaxation. I’m mentioning this because a few of the titles you’ll vote on refer to the number seven.

Without Further Ado…

To see the runner-ups and to cast your vote please, click here.


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