"The Evolution of Motherhood Has Arrived" - Dr. Carolyn Dean MD ND

“The Evolution of Motherhood Has Arrived”

June 20, 2009

My foster-daughter, stay-at-home-mom (or “Domestic Goddess” as she prefers to call herself) and director of the RawMom.com, Shannon Leone, is hosting Raw Mom Summit: The Evolution of Motherhood has Arrived. It’s a web-based event for multi-tasking mothers who are passionate pioneers of natural living.

As they say on their website: “It’s time to bring together the Leaders in our community and inspire women as the heartbeat of their homes, to be the change we NEED to see in the world.”

The Best Part: It’s FREE and it’s ONLINE

You don’t need to open your wallet or book a flight. To register click here and enter your name and email address in the form at the bottom of the screen.

Each day, for nine consecutive days, the Raw Mom Summit will make available three new recordings. It starts Monday, June 22 through Tuesday, June 30. Shannon conducted each interview with experts discussing the subjects of nutrition, pregnancy, childbirth, parenting and other family health care issues.You can listen to them anytime within 24 hours after they are posted.

27 Interviews With
Parenting & Health Experts

One of the 27 interviews features yours truly. I talk about sugar and kids, vaccines, autism and more.

You’ll also get to listen to Dr. Bernie Siegel, author of Peace, Love & Healing. He has five children, eight grandchildren and a revolutionary philosophy about living and dying.

In the interview with Jean Liedloff, author of The Continuum Concept, she explains how “attachment parenting” came about and what it really means.

You can read about all the other interviews by clicking here. You can also register at the bottom of the page by entering your name and email address. That’s all you need to do to receive links to three new interviews each day.


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