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Win a One-Year Membership in My Foundation of Health Program

June 1, 2009

This month I’ll be giving away a one-year membership in my upcoming online foundation of health program. This will be worth well over $200.

First, a quick head-ups on what we are up to… There’s a lot of work going into this online program and we hope to have it ready by mid-June. It’s a revolutionary new way to deliver health information– in a way that makes it easy for you to make it a part of your life (not just intellectual entertainment).

As you know, REAL health is more about your day-to-day habits than anything else:

  • What and how you eat
  • How much and what type of exercise you do
  • The supplements and superfoods you use
  • Your thoughts and ability to meet life’s challenges in a relaxed and confident manner
  • Your daily hygiene
  • The environment you chose to surround yourself with
  • How well you sleep (this is bigger than most people realize)

In order to prevent all these factors from becoming overwhelming I’m delivering the information in small modules (online via PDF).

Now, how to get a complete,
one-year membership for free…

We are looking for a name for the program. Right now my online publisher and I are debating between: The Foundation, Foundation or The Foundation of Health.

But we thought we’d ask YOU what you think. What title would you suggest for this 50-week program? Just leave your ideas in the comment box below. We’ll select about ten of our favorites and let all the subscribers on my email list vote.

Whoever wins gets a complete one-year membership and eternal digital fame on my blog. Deadline is this Friday, June 5. Do not submit via email. Please post below in the comment box…


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