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Magnesium Saves Man From Gagging (Part 2)

July 29, 2009

Yesterday, I started telling you how a couple, Jeff and Lucy, were out to dinner when the stricture between Jeff’s stomach and esophagus clamped shut.

Last we left Jeff he was gagging in the alley behind the restaurant…

“Go inside and finish your dinner,” Jeff told his wife as he hunched over a handrail. “Then we can head home.”

Lucy went back inside. As she sat down at the table she suddenly remembered: My sister swears Natural Calm has helped so many times whenever there was a weird body problem. (Natural Calm is a magnesium citrate drink produced by Peter Gillham’s Natural Vitality which he didn’t pay me to tell you about.)

“Natural Calm would work,” Luca told her friends who had gone back to enjoying their meal while Jeff choked to death in the back alley, “too bad we don’t have any.”

The magnesium angels, however, were with Jeff that day – one of Lucy’s friends remembered she had a bunch of Natural Calm powder in the trunk of her car.

Magnesium – Never Leave Home Without It

Lucy retrieved the packages, added water and made a super-concentrated serving. She went out and found Jeff gagging on his spit.

“Hold this in your mouth,” Luca said. “Don’t worry about swallowing.”

Jeff sipped a mouthful holding the drink in his mouth. About a minute later his face relaxed. Spitting it out, he said, “I want to try swallowing some.”

“It’s pretty concentrated,” Lucy warned.

Jeff took the glass and took a gulp.

Two minutes he smiled and walked back into the restaurant to finish his meal.

Explain the Miracle and Win a Prize…

I’m afraid the Vatican wouldn’t be interested in this miracle, as it can be explained with down-to-earth biology.

On Monday I’ll give you two reasons why I think magnesium cured Jeff so quickly and effortlessly.

If you think you know why, please leave your explanation in the comment box below. The first person to come up with the best answer (based on my opinion) will win a soft cover copy of Seeds of Deception – the international bestselling book by Jeffrey M. Smith exposing the industry and government lies over genetically modified food.


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