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Are Air Tube Headsets Better For Your Health?

July 26, 2009

I left you hanging on Friday after telling you cell phones, Bluetooths and regular headsets were about as good for you as a trip to McDonalds.

The problem isn’t that they are “radioactive” like uranium or the computer monitor you’re reading these words with…

It’s more so that the frequency they use interferes with the way our cells communicate. It would sure be nice if they just assigned all this technology a different frequency. Alas, that would be too easy, I guess.

But if you must use a cell phone, the most practical solution I’ve seen is…

The Air Tube Headset

Much like how a stethoscope works, air tube headsets use a non-metallic tube carrying the sound from the cell phone to your ear.

Both Dr. Joseph Mercola and the Research Center for Wireless Technology sell air tube headsets (I don’t get paid for telling you about these products).

Just keep in mind that you still want to make sure the cell phone itself is not near your body. Place it on a table, your car’s dashboard or in a titanium suitcase (just joking).

Putting on an air tube headset then stuffing your cell phone in your pants pockets near your reproductive organs might be fine if you feel you’ve already populated the world with enough children… but I wouldn’t recommend it.

Reducing the Risk of Cell Phone Radiation

Now, even if you must hold a cell phone to your head all day long, half the danger is in how much radiation your body takes in. In Modules 4 and 7 of Future Health Now! I’ll show you how to reduce the affects wireless technology can have on your body and brain. Find out…

  • Which ear is the safest one to use.
  • Where are the safest places to use your cell phone and why it’s safer in the city than the country.
  • How you can easily eliminate far more dangerous wireless electromagnetic radiation you are exposed to each day and thus reduce the burden on your body.
  • What you can do with your hands or feet to expel the radiation your body absorbs.
  • Why cell phones make yeast run rampant.
  • How to get rid of yeast overgrowth, heavy metals and immunity problems which can make you far more susceptible to cell phone radiation.


So, if you must use a cell phone, I recommend you get an air tube. Don’t worry about it. Just follow a health program like I give you in Future Health Now! so your body can withstand, overcome and repair any damage your cell phone causes you.

Carolyn Dean MD ND


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