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How to Keep Your Kids Away From the Swine Flu Vaccine

July 18, 2009

Last post I shared with you a strategy I recommend for getting doctors to not push you into taking the H1N1 vaccination.

Now, for your children, who are targeted at school while you’re at work… the situation is more difficult. You entrust your children to the temporary guardianship of a publicly run school system and they line them up for dangerous mass vaccination programs.

I know one of the chief reasons many parents home school their children is to avoid vaccinations. Of course, home schooling is not a practical option for all parents – but one to consider as it has many other benefits.

If You Can’t Home School
I Would Recommend Two Things…

1) Put together a variation on the letter I proposed for your doctor in the last blog post. Have both your child’s teacher and the school’s principle sign that they will ensure you child does not receive the swine flu vaccination. They will also take full financial responsibility for any injury resulting if they neglect said responsibility. (Make sure to include the “said responsibility” part as that sounds super-legalese).

2) Share this blog post with as many parents from your child’s school as possible and have them do the same. If one parent does this, it may not have much effect or lead to child protective custody issues. If 50 or 100 parents request, in writing, that their child be omitted from vaccination line ups – what are they going to do? Throw them all in jail?

Don’t Blame the Government

Remember, if your country is enforcing vaccinations, it’s because the PEOPLE voted these politicians into power who think they have the authority, the knowledge and the insulation from private interests to decide what type of treatment you and your family need.

You can change things if you band together and use mediums like the internet to get a real education about these matters. I recommend you share this blog post with your friends and family. I recommend you go to Google and do your own research on vaccinations and the swine flu – checking with multiple sources.

What If You Absolutely Can Not
Avoid the Vaccination?

Next blog post I’ll share some simple actions you and your children can take to avoid the risks of vaccine reaction. Really, these “precautions” will otherwise just improve your quality of life and are good to follow whether you receive the vaccination or not. They help buffer your system against injuries, toxins and infections – all which are hard to avoid completely but easy to prepare for.

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