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Three Ways to Avoid Or Reduce Vaccine Reactions

July 21, 2009

If you must get the H1N1 vaccine remember that most of the risk usually comes from the vaccine working in synergy with other negative hazards.

The problem with modern society is most people are doing all the dangerous stuff, all the time, so something like a vaccine is just a “tipping point.”

Here are three strategies to reduce or eliminate the risk of vaccine injury if you can’t avoid the shot…

Soda and Vaccines Don’t Mix

Cola companies load their beverages with either sugar or aspartame. Sugar can knock out your immune system for three straight hours. And aspartame, when combined with vaccines, has been closely linked to autism (see

Kids don’t need pop. Dilute 100% fruit juice 50/50 with water if they need to be weaned off sugary drinks. Or make lemonade out of natural sugar substitutes like stevia, Just Like Sugar®, or xylitol (like I show you in Module 19 of Future Health Now!)

Vaccines Create “Radiation Antennas”
in Your Body

Much of the damage caused by the mercury and aluminum (found in vaccines) may be linked to these heavy metals working like “antennas” in the body for electromagnetic radiation.

Eliminating altogether – or at least turning off at night – our growing collection of wireless technology (cell phones, cordless phones, laptops, wifis, pagers, baby monitors, doorbells) can give your body some recovery time.

In Modules 1, 4, 7 and 44 of Future Health Now! I go into great detail about how to reduce the amount of electro-smog you’re exposed to each day.

Don’t be a “Health Weakling!”

Remember our mind and our attitude is responsible for most our woes or all of our joys. Sometimes accidents and unhealthy predicaments come to stop us from becoming healthy. But you don’t have to be a “health weakling” afraid that everything will hurt you. For this reason I have dedicated all of Pillar Seven in Future Health Now! to building up your “mental aboveness.”

Refuse to accept the negative effects that vaccines can have on you and keep your mind busy with thoughts that will better your life.

Excessive Interactions

Most people are drinking bucketfuls of immune-suppressing soda drinks with their ear glued to a cell phone for hours each day while they let the media fill their minds with negative thoughts about the world. No wonder a flu shot puts them over the edge they dance on.

Avoid excesses and accept it as the best thing for you and you should fair very well if you need or want to get a flu shot.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

The Doctor of the Future®

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