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Don’t Confuse Predictions With Reality

August 28, 2009

Many people are worried about the approaching 160 million doses of “mandatory” vaccinations coming to a school near you in the fall (if you live in the States).

There is a lot of fear-mongering happening on both sides of the fence…

There’s the fear that the swine flu may kill hundreds of thousands (of which there is no proof).

And there’s the fear that the vaccine will kill or maim millions (of which there is evidence and concern).

Now, remember, these are both worst case scenarios. To be avoided, yes. But let’s not make these PREDICTIONS real before their time.

Keep in mind the U.S. government tried this before. In 1976 Washington issued another “heroic” swine flu campaign. They proclaimed that millions would die from “the coming swine flu epidemic.”

Such an epidemic never came.

But thousands were paralyzed, injured or killed by the vaccine before – three weeks later – the program was cut.

Today we have the internet and a much more educated population. The resistance to this campaign is growing each HOUR.

The idea of mass “gunpoint” injection of the ENTIRE population (willing or unwilling) using a dangerous and untested vaccine for a virus that has proven no more fatal than the common flu is an extreme view. So far there is no proof that government would or can exert such power and that the people are truly that ignorant.

And if such an extreme case is true (I’m not denying the possibility I just don’t want to help make it a reality) then we either get the vaccine or start a revolution (like they did in Iceland). But so far, things aren’t that bad.

Instead, the government may be moving too fast. This swine flu campaign (or, sadly, its repercussions) may finally wake the “sheeple.” If enough of us demand it – we’ll see some real change happen in the White House soon enough.

In the meantime, focus more on what you can do, physically, mentally and spiritually to fortify yourself against a vaccine (or other negatives that might come your way) and stay as healthy as possible.

Just remember we create the reality we live in. On an individual level and a mass level. Let’s focus on what will bring about the world we want to live in – using the threat of a mass vaccination as a prod to knock us out of our complacency and take control of our lives.

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Carolyn Dean MD ND

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