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Explaining Jeff’s Back Alley Magnesium Miracle

August 3, 2009

I have a winner from the contest I announced last week to see who could explain the Magnesium Miracle Story.

For those who missed the story: A man named Jeff ended up with a clamped passage between his esophagus and his stomach. Choking, vomiting and gagging on his spit in the back alley of a restaurant for 35 minutes he was finally saved by holding a magnesium citrate drink in his mouth. If you missed the story, you can still read it here…

Part 1: https://drcarolyndean.com/?p=682

Part 2: https://drcarolyndean.com/?p=697

I asked people to explain why they thought magnesium provided such an instantaneous cure for Jeff’s severe condition. We received 23 very intelligent submissions. Here were the three I thought provided the best answers.

Teshuvah wins the contest because her answer went a step further, explaining what farmers and ranchers know about magnesium…

“Magnesium relaxes the involuntary muscles including the bowel (which is why overdosing causes diarrhea) and magnesium deficiency could block the esophagus.

“Holding Magnesium in the mouth will cause it to be absorbed sublingually. Magnesium Chloride would be absorbed faster, but tastes bad. Mag-O will work in water and is tasteless.

“Further, sheep farmers give sheep magnesium blocks. Animals that are Magnesium deficient become aggressive and hard to handle, just like over active kids. Kids should have magnesium, not Ritalin.

“Race horses get a shaking disease if they are deficient in magnesium. The answer is to add magnesium, not meds.”

She wins a soft cover copy of Seeds of Deception – the international bestselling 266 page book by Jeffrey M. Smith exposing the industry and government lies over genetically modified food.

Notable mention goes to Debi who offered a psychological explanation in tandem with the obvious physical affects…

“I would guess that Jeff was also having anxiety about the situation – the magnesium also calmed his nerves.”

You guys know more than most doctors about this subject – don’t let it go to your heads!

If I may add my 2 milligrams worth…

Most fascinating was how Jeff saw fast results simply from holding the magnesium drink in his mouth. When your body needs something, it knows how to get it. (Magnesium citrate is not the easiest form of magnesium to absorb, either.)

It must have absorbed through the pores of his tongue and the interior of his mouth. The bloodstream transported the desperately needed mineral straight down to his esophagus. Once absorbed into the muscle cells, the gastro-esophageal junction could relax.

Still, possibly, Jeff’s esophagus wasn’t as severely deficient as the situation suggests.

Calcium causes muscles to contract. Possibly his body was trying to protect itself from getting any more calcium until… Jeff consumed some magnesium. The body does much better with uniform deficiency. In other words, it prefers being equally low in everything, versus high in one thing and low in another.

Of course, as you know, it’s very difficult to get enough magnesium from our food supply. Soil depletion has taken its toll. Unless you’re juicing lots of magnesium-rich vegetables, you need mineral supplementation like I explain in my book the Magnesium Miracle. This isn’t some “supplement hype” it’s just basic biology. Find out everything the average persons needs to know to benefit from magnesium in Module 4 of Future Health Now…


I hope this “magnesium miracle” inspired you to make sure you’re getting enough magnesium each day. Please share the story with anyone who suffers from problems with choking on food. It could be a life saver!


Carolyn Dean MD ND

The Doctor of the Future®

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