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Making Deposits in Your “Health Account”

August 29, 2009

There’s a story of a health fanatic who spent 300 days of the year fasting to get his body super clean. Then, one day, he was sleeping under the stars and a passing agricultural plane sprayed him with pesticides.

Life has a way of doing things like that to us. There’s always going to be something that’ll come around and try to ruin your perfect health regime.

You could get hit by a car or poisoned or other nasty things. Just have enough in your “health account” so that you can draw out credit to sustain these blows when they come and recover quickly.

And if your “health account” is really weak – from too many years of wrong living or chronic illness – then build up your “faith account” and trust that no matter what happens it’s the best thing for you.

That said… you never have to accept the role of victim. There’s always something you can do to better your situation. For example, if you’re unable to avoid the swine flu vaccine – you can always counter it by doing something extremely healthy and cleansing.

Leading up to the vaccination and immediately following it help your body’s detoxification process. Cilantro and chlorella are two powerful herbs for drawing heavy metals out of the body (see Module 11 of Future Health Now! for more details). Just make sure they are organic and from a clean source.

Lemon juice, also, will help bind up heavy metals. Cilantro and lemon juice make a delicious seasoning that you can easily add to soups, stews, rice and salads.

Avoid the flu vaccine if you can (and so wish to do so) and educate your family, teachers and community about the dangers. But focus more on embracing healthful actions and healthful thoughts – like taking detox herbs or visualizing the heavy metals in the vaccine exiting your body.


Carolyn Dean MD ND

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