Five on Friday: H1N1 Homeopathy, the Polypill, Kidney Stones, Anxiety Outbreak & Nut Pâté - Dr. Carolyn Dean MD ND

Five on Friday: H1N1 Homeopathy, the Polypill, Kidney Stones, Anxiety Outbreak & Nut Pâté

October 9, 2009

With a little help from Seinfeld‘s Kramer, I show you how to avoid the number one cause of painful kidney stones in The Real Cause of Kidney Stones.

I’m going to start taking it easy on Fridays and provide you with links to content I think you’ll find helpful, informative and/or entertaining. Mostly articles I’ve written for other websites that you may not have seen… and the occasional interview or teleseminar. Here are five links I think you’ll enjoy…

#1) Homeopathy for H1N1 Here’s an example of a safe and far more effective treatment than the H1N1 vaccine. An article I wrote for News With Views about the success homeopathy has had in past epidemics. I published a condensed version of this article, last week, Click here on my blog.
#2) Puking Up the Polypill Try taking six medications at the same time and see how you feel. In this article for News With Views I discuss the adverse effects and increased costs of combining medications – known as polypharmacy.
#3) Creating Anxiety More and more people in their twenties and thirties are coming to me with serious complaints of anxiety. Their stories are frighteningly identical. Besides anxiety, depression and lack of confidence, they also have many physical symptoms like heartburn, sinusitis, muscle spasms and yeast overgrowth. In this article I explain why most of it starts at birth with adverse reactions to prescribed medicines.
#4) The Real Cause of Kidney Stones Here I explain how to avoid one of the foremost causes of kidney stones with some help from Seinfield‘s Kramer.
#5) An Anti-Stress and Anti-Fungal Recipe: Raw Nut and Seed Pâté A recipe from my foster-daughter, Shannon Leone, that you can download for free. And remember (if you haven’t already)

to grab a free copy of Module One of Future Health Now! Have a great weekend.

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