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No H1N1 Vaccine for Dr. Oz’s Kids

October 21, 2009

Last week Dr. Mercola shared two videos on his site. One from CNN. Another from FOX Chicago. Both interviewing Dr. Mehmet Oz of the The Dr. Oz Show. In both videos Dr. Oz recommends people get the H1N1 vaccine. Then he “winks,”admitting  neither his wife nor his four children will be getting the controversial injection.

Dr. Oz acknowledges the risks of paralysis and death (as seen in the 1976 swine flu campaign) but still recommends children and pregnant women get the vaccine.

He also relates how he believes his children already contracted the virus last spring and recovered at home. Yet he stresses that your kids should be immunized.

Most people are aware of the growing evidence demonstrating that vaccines not only make people more susceptible to contracting the swine flu virus – they also increase your risk of suffering severe side effects (see People Who Get a Seasonal Flu Shot Are Twice as Likely to Catch Swine Flu).

My Take On Dr. Oz’s Mixed Message

Under the celebrity spotlight, Dr. Oz must play the role of the nation’s doctor and operate under the “standard of care.” In other words, he needs to take the vaccine himself and recommend it to everybody else – or he’s out of a job. He’d no longer be the spokesperson for the nation where he’s able to deliver some good health information and help people.

It’s a very difficult position for him. He can’t be controversial. He can’t be too “alternative.” He has to roll up his own sleeve and share the risks.

Though, for all we know, after he publicly received the H1N1 shoot (on his talk show) he may have gone backstage and swallowed a few bottles of his blessed reservertrol along with other detox supplements to mitigate a vaccine reaction.

Yet, most people can’t afford thousands of dollars worth of remedies to counteract heavy metals, squalene and the other questionable ingredients in the swine flu vaccine.

So Do as Mister Oz Does – Not as Doctor Oz Says

At home, Dr. Oz admits he becomes “Mr. Oz.”

Mr. Oz isn’t giving his kids vaccine.

Mrs. Oz isn’t taking it either.

They aren’t taking the risk.

For the 60% of the population (according to the Harvard School of Public Health) who doubt the safety of the vaccine, Dr. Oz did a great job “walking the tightrope” letting them know (via the major media) that their fears are justified.

If You or Your Family Contracts the Flu – Worry Not

Only 1% of swine flu sufferers experience severe symptoms. These symptoms are likely brought on by the vaccines, drugs and an unhealthy lifestyle weakening their immune system.

As Dr. oz says himself, “just keep [your kids] at home and let them get better themselves” (Fox News). Rest. Drink plenty of water. Dehydration is to be avoided! Make sure you are taking at least 5,000 IUs of vitamin D each day. Eat lightly and naturally. Lubricate your nasal passage as I show you in Module One of Future Health Now!. Stay positive.

Sure you may not feel great. The flu isn’t fun. But let your immune system handle it. If you suffer severe health problems, are weak, pregnant or you are concerned about newborns – invest in some anti-viral herbs and compounds like colloidal silver and oregano oil. Cook with ginger, garlic and turmeric.

Don’t let the media, bad science and the medical system scare you into getting this potentially dangerous (and certainly unnecessary) vaccination.

If you want to take it – it’s up to you. But get the facts straight and check various sources, first. You can read my past posts about the swine flu and the vaccine or visit the National Vaccine Information Center,, and Find out what the government, media and medical system aren’t telling you.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

The Doctor of the Future®

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