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7 Darn Good Reasons Why You Need NOT Fear the Swine Flu

November 18, 2009

On October 23, President Obama declared swine flu a national emergency. The only emergency that I could see was that people weren’t rushing out to get the dangerous, expensive and unnecessary vaccine. The government would look rather foolish with billions of dollars of stockpiled vaccines paid for by taxpayers.

Here are seven reasons why you can ignore the “emergency” and not allow it in “your universe”…

1. Flu Cases Overestimated: CBS News reported that the CDC (Center for Disease Control) advised states to STOP testing for H1N1 in July. Since then every person who visited a doctor with flu-like symptoms was assumed to be infected with H1N1. But four states did not stop testing. They found only 5.5% of flu-like symptoms were caused by H1N1. Hardly an epidemic. (articles.mercola.com)

2. No Extra Deaths by Flu: Annually 36,000 people die from the seasonal flu according to the CDC. That’s about 100 people a day. Swine flu averages five to ten deaths a day with the death tally being 1,000 since April (usatoday.com). It’s unfortunate but not a statistically significant number..

3. Pseudo Flu Symptoms: The media and the government have scared most people into thinking they have the “deadly” H1N1. Most of the time they don’t even have the flu. They’ve got the sniffles. But when they rush to their doctor he just assumes it’s H1N1.

4. Why Are Kids Dying? It’s more so a question of why aren’t the elderly dying? Seniors have developed antibodies over their long life. They’ve built up their immune system. It’s been this way for thousands of years.

5. Mortality Perspective: 7,000 people die each day in the United Sates alone. If only ten are dying from the swine flu it hardly warrants hysteria.

6. This Is About Selling Vaccines: The FDA and FTC are going after companies that sell natural remedies that support your immune system (e.g. “unapproved” swine flu treatments). Even Dr. Andrew Weil received a harsh warning for endorsing an immune booster. The goal here is to sell vaccines, tamiflu and other drugs. It’s clearly not about stopping a pandemic. (www.npr.org)

7. Relax – The “Worst” Is Over: The H1N1 swine flu “epidemic” was expected to peak at week 42 according to researchers from Purdue University (Eurosurveillance, Oct 15). We’re in week 45. It’s over.

Keep Your Immune System Strong and Forget About H1N1

There’s no short-cut to a strong immune system. You need to eat properly, sleep well, exercise throughout the day, relieve psychological stresses, get proper nutrition, avoid a toxic living environment and trash dangerous personal care products. If you are doing these seven “Pillars of Health” the swine flu should not worry you. Even if you catch it you’ll recover quickly.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

The Doctor of the Future®

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