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My Food Poisoning Experience

December 16, 2009

It started the other night after dinner with a pain at the back of my head. The headache became so strong I felt it would crush my entire skull.

An hour later I began to break out in a sweat. My stomach cramped. I started having bowel movements.

Next nausea started in my toes and worked its way up to my throat. That’s when I began to vomit.

In between trips to the bathroom, I lay shivering in bed with my socks (and flannel pyjamas) on. I tried to take some arsenicum (a homeopathic remedy for food poisoning) but it only triggered more vomiting. Only water mixed with sea salt would stay down (important to avoid dehydration).

My body wanted to get rid of something inside me. I didn’t try to stop it. Remaining as detached as possible, I marveled at the ability of my esophagus to turn into a geyser of stomach contents.

I kept the former contents of my stomach out of my nose by squatting over the toilet, holding the seat up and bracing myself with my hands. Otherwise, kneeling in front of the toilet puts the nasal passages in line with the vomit (possibly more detail than you wanted to hear!).

By midnight it was over. The next morning I felt hung over. The following day I was fine (except for some sore “vomiting muscles” between my ribs).

It was obviously food poisoning. So what did I eat for dinner that night?

  • brown rice noodles
  • steamed chard, collards and bok choi from the local Hui garden
  • homemade pesto from the freezer
  • bottled organic tomato sauce from the fridge
  • homemade pudding (cocoa, frozen banana, coconut milk and a teaspoon of vanilla)

Well, I can’t be absolutely sure which ingredient(s) caused the food poisoning. Nonetheless, I’m pretty sure I know what it was. But I thought I’d let you, my readers, take a guess first. Let me know which ingredient you think was the culprit and why. Leave your ideas in the comment box below. In a future post I’ll reveal my explanation for my horrendous food poisoning experience.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

The Doctor of the Future®

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