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Is Milk Good For You?

January 21, 2010

“What an irresponsible article,” says one reader in response to Faking Our Foods – where I wrote that a moderate amount of organic dairy fat is healthy. Two others join her to give me quite a lecture based on opinions that they confuse with facts:

“Cow’s milk is made for calves – not humans,” they say. Well, for at least 6,000 years we have records of mankind milking cows, goats, camels and buffalo. Who’s to say what Nature intended? Is wool just for sheep?

“Saturated fat from cow’s milk is NEVER healthy for humans!” Never is a rather all-knowing word. Especially when most studies have proven that without saturated fat your brain cannot function properly or handle stress.

“Do you know how much cholesterol even one tablespoon of heavy cream packs? Enough to send you on your way to some serious health problems.” If it was that harmful then every breastfeed infant would be in the ER.

“Dairy causes… weight gain.” Actually fat burns slowly and in moderation will keep you thin.

“What about the suffering of dairy cows?” Of course the factory farming going on in the industrialized world is horrible beyond belief. But check out an organic farm. Those cows have it made: Sunshine. Pastures. Exercise. Water.

As another reader, Jim, wisely commented in the crossfire: “Nutritional health is a complex individual issue… What a healthy diet shouldn’t be is a ‘religion’ with true believers yelling ‘heresy’ at every affront to their beliefs.”

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