My Top 12 Wellness Predictions For 2010 (Part 1)

January 4, 2010

Plenty of grim predictions going about for 2010: War with Iran. The Greatest Depression. More taxes. Zimbabwe-like inflation. Oppressive health care. More taxes. Shock bracelets for airline passengers. More taxes. And yet another Batman movie.

Sheesh… to everything there are two sides. I like to say “not in my universe.” I predict what I see and want to see happening. So here are the first five of my Top Twelve Predictions for how 2010 will usher in more health and natural living for you, your family, your community and the world…

Prediction #1: Edible Landscaping and Urban Farming

Millions of families will move away from decorative lawns and use their property to grow their own vegetables and fruits. This will be largely in response to inflated food prices and unemployment. There is a huge side benefit. With this move people will be eating more and more healthy produce again and less genetically modified, chemically sprayed Frankenstein food from the supermarket. (See my message on Victory Gardens Over Factory Farming from last May.)

Prediction #2. More Family Co-Ops

More and more people will stop supporting big-box superstores that deliver sub-quality food from factory farms and cheap products from Asian sweat houses. More conscious consumers will realize they have sacrificed quality for quantity; sacrificed human rights for cheap labor; sacrificed local jobs for big-box discounts; sacrificed Ma & Pa shops for cooperate franchises.

Grouping together, people will make  large orders at bulk discounts directly from quality companies. This way they get organic, fair trade, non-toxic products with the lower price they need during tough economic times.

Prediction #3: Less TV and More Video

I think we’ll start to see an ever-increasing dying out of commercial-based TV as people move more and more to watching videos online, through DVD mail order clubs (like or Netflex) or just buying it second hand off Ebay. As free time becomes more scarce people will be more selective about what they watch.

For example, season three of Lost (one of my favorite TV shows) sold over one million copies in the first three weeks after its release (according to despite the fact you could watch it on TV for free. So the less commercial TV people watch and the higher quality the programming the better their overall health (as I explain in Module 20 and 24 of Future Health Now!).

Prediction #4: Natural, Self-Care

People will neither have the time, money or patience to waste two hours sitting in doctors’ waiting rooms for a five-minute visit — only to be given an expensive prescription. Especially when the prescription only provides some short term relief while creating long term side effects (resulting in more drugs or even surgery).

Instead, people will be flocking in greater numbers to the internet searching for low-cost solutions to their health problems (and hopefully finding Future Health Now!). The masses will begin changing their lifestyle, improving their diet, exercising more and detoxing their homes (see my post about Gerald Celente’s predictions).

More Predictions Coming on Friday!

And on Wednesday I’ll follow up with part 3 of My Food Poisoning Experiencing – where I’ll interrogate the offending tomato sauce and point a finger at his suspected accomplice: the cacoa powder. I’ll explain why they tried to assassinate me and how I’ll protect myself in the future. If you’re not a subscriber, fill your name and email in the box below so you don’t miss out.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

The Doctor of the Future®

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