My Top 12 Wellness Predictions for 2010 (Part 2)

January 8, 2010

Many people are concerned about how the economy will pan out in 2010. Government bailouts tried to keep things together in ’09. But at what price? Did we avoid a recession only to set ourselves up for another great depression?

But just because we might all be bartering potatoes and trading with silver coins… it doesn’t mean our health must suffer. In fact, it might all lead to healthier times for those who embrace it with the right attitude.

Along those lines, here are four more wellness predictions for 2010. (If you missed part 1, please click here.)

Prediction #5: More Produce From Local Farmers

More people will start “renting” pieces of land from farmers and paying the farmer to toil the soil and supply them with the fruits of their labor. The result will be higher quality, environmentally friendly food while boosting the local economy. People will benefit both from the lack of pesticides but also from eating food in season that only traveles a few miles at most. Because they are buying direct and in advance they’ll save a bundle.

Prediction #6: Rising Fuel Prices Will Lead to More Walking and Biking

I think it’s time to reveal that I’ve never owned a car. I’ve lived in all manner of places – from the Big Apple to Nova Scotia and now Maui. I mainly walk and bike (even swim). It’s one of the simplest ways to become healthier. Even better if you live in hilly country.

So if fuel prices double, triple or quadruple – as many are predicting (whether due to oil scarcity or inflation) – people will be forced to do more walking out in the fresh air and sunshine – often carrying, pushing or pulling something to boot.

Prediction #7: Less Wireless Technology

For many, if the economy really goes sour, the first thing to go (or at least reduce) will be cell phones and BlackBerrys. This will mean people will be exposing themselves less to the dangers of wireless technology. It’ll also mean there will be less cell phone towers broadcasting DNA disrupting microwaves. (For more on reducing the negative effects of wireless technology see Module 18 of Future Health Now!).

Prediction #8: A Simpler Christmas 2010

After commissioning a survey to study the stress produced by Christmas shopping, the managing director of said: “We were very surprised to see that [Christmas shopping] was thought to be a more traumatic experience than working, visiting the dentist or looking after a crying baby, things which usually have people pulling their hair out.” (BBC News)

Next Christmas, people will be more concerned about necessities like food and clothing than luxury gifts. People will be more likely to just make baked goods, knit a sweater or buy fruit for friends and family. It’ll cost less, be easier to plan, and probably more appreciated.

Personally, I gave up Christmas shopping decades ago. Too much stress for a holiday that’s supposed to be about the gift of peace.

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Carolyn Dean MD ND

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