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Big Pharma Defectors

February 20, 2010

Many bright men and women are jumping the big pharma freighter and landing in the nutraceutical boat.

I wish they were “defecting” because they have seen through the corruption of the drug industry and want to turn to healing herbs and nutrients.

In the end they are just following the money. The “anti-aging” market is currently spending $2 billion annually (who says prevention doesn’t sell?). Consumers realize that drugs are NOT stopping mental and physical decline. Natural remedies, however, look hopeful.

Sadly, these pharmaceutical defectors will now likely bring their same lack of ethics to marketing natural health products.

So, don’t be surprised if you start seeing TV ads promising you’ll be spared dementia and Alzheimer’s by rushing out and purchasing their highly processed herbs, vitamins and minerals.

I’m warning you now… so you can avoid the inevitable side effects on your health and on your wallet.

I’ve always said that it’s better to follow simple all-round health practices: Eat real food. Sleep deeply for as long as you need. Exercise daily out of doors. Avoid toxic personal care products. Keep your home and work space free of chemicals and mold. Practice meditation and anti-stress activities every day.

In other words, keep on following the step-by-step program I give you in Future Health Now! If you’re not a member you can head over to… …and consider joining.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

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