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LOST Flashbacks and EFT

February 2, 2010

Here’s reason #3 why the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 (from the TV show LOST) were healed of chronic diseases upon landing on “The Island” (click here for the rest of the series)…

Flashbacks! And boy does LOST have a lot of them (about five per episode). I guess being stranded in the middle of the Pacific gave each character time to reflect and work out past emotional trauma. According to German New Medicine, all diseases have a component of unresolved emotional trauma.

We saw flashbacks to Jack’s failed marriage… the violent death of Sawyer’s parents … Kate’s abusive step-father… Hurley’s no-show father… Charlie’s heroine-driven rock n’ roll career… John’s kidney-stealing dad… Sayid’s moonlighting as a torturer… Claire putting her mom in a coma… Boone’s infatuation with his step sister … Walt losing his mom… Michael losing Walt… Ana Lucia losing her baby… Desmond becoming a drunk monk…  Jin becoming a hit man… Sun marrying a hit man…

Imagine how healthy we’d all be if we spent even one day a year resolving major issues from our past like this.

While self-analysis is a great way to unlock these types of emotional blocks, another method I recommend is EFT. The Emotional Freedom Technique combines ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology to create prosperity, clarity, energy and healing of body and mind.

But you don’t need to get on a plane (or fall out of one) to learn about EFT. Instead, you can attend the 2010 Tapping World Summit – a free online event featuring Carol Look, Patricia Carrington, Brad Yates, Bob Doyle, Carol Tuttle and more. Click here to view a short video introduction.

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