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Under-the-Radar Television Propaganda

February 26, 2010

Despair Inc. released a poster showing an empty couch before a glaring television above the following words:

PROPAGANDA: What Lies Behind Us and What Lies Before Us Are Small Matters Compared to What Lies Right to Our Faces

Now, we all know about the propaganda that goes on during commercial breaks. Ads for toxic personal care products, junk food, cancer causing cell phones and chemical pharmaceuticals (I’m just sticking to health issues here).

But that’s just the OVERT propaganda. Don’t think you’re home free because you watch videos instead of commercial TV. The real brainwashing takes place during the actual “programming”. Do you seriously believe that the sponsors don’t influence the scripts?

And it’s not so much about what is said but what is not said. Just look at most TV shows. They aren’t questioning why cancer rates are going up. All the characters use cell phones constantly. Organic food is never brought up. If they are sick they immediately go get a prescription or dive headfirst into surgery.

So be very selective about what you watch and how much (like I show you in Module 20: Taming the TV of Future Health Now!). People tend to follow the crowd. If the crowd they “hang out with” is projected to them via a TV set… they’ll tune into those sets of values (or lack thereof).

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