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Experience the Healing Vibrations of LOST’s Island in Your Own Backyard

March 2, 2010

The TV show LOST suggests that its mysterious South Pacific island emits magnetic radiation that rapidly heals the survivors of Oceanic 815 and other inhabitants of diseases and injuries.

Here in Maui I believe our island draws up similar vibrations from Mother Earth. I’m literally living on a mountain of molten rock that is taller than Mt. Everest (when measured from the ocean floor).

So am I suggesting you quit your job and move to “Reiki Island”? While that’s always a possibility… A more practical suggestion would be to unearth the healing paradise you live in right now.

I strongly recommend you make physical contact with the earth EVERY SINGLE DAY Even if it’s just some gardening or a barefoot walk at a local park or beach.

But what if you’re currently experiencing a frosty northern winter? I don’t want you going barefoot through the snow… Instead, touch (or hug) a tree with your bare hands. Draw negative ions up through its roots. At the same time you’ll be dispelling all the stress-producing positive ions you’ve collected in our techno-world.

Consciously and actively tuning into the earth’s healing energies is probably more powerful than unconsciously and passively living at a focal point like LOST‘s island.

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