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When I Was a Teen Supplement Companies Didn’t Exist

March 18, 2010

I got started in the natural health field way back before  supplements even existed.  It wasn’t that long ago that we relied upon wheat germ, brewer’s yeast and calf’s liver (tasty, huh?) for extra nutrients.

Last weekend, however, I attended the Natural Health Expo West and witnessed the multi-billion dollar industry that  supplement-making has became (with all the razzmatazz that goes along with it).

I saw a lot of companies claiming to sell “whole food supplements” (which is what I recommend you take)… but when you read the labels they still include mostly synthetic ingredients (in a “base” of fruits and vegetables).

Sure, it’s better than a 100%  synthetic brand. But don’t be fooled. The best place to get your minerals and vitamins are from:

1) Fresh, whole, organic foods.

2) 100% food-based supplements.

3) Angstrom minerals supplements.

Angstrom means the minerals have been broken down to about 0.1 nanometers in length. Small enough to be absorbed by the cells of the body. Sadly, the booths at the Expo were too expensive for any of the small angstrom mineral companies that exist today.

I wish we didn’t need supplements at all. But thanks to the wonders of modern agricultural, we’ve sacrficed quality for quantity.

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